How to increase ecommerce sales with Facebook Ads

Promoting products/services becomes very important to any ecommerce business. However, many business owner are forced to negotiate with the source simply because they do not have enough marketing budget. Facebook, a leading social networking website forays into offering a platform “Facebook for business” that allow ecommerce business owners to promote their offerings at a very cost-effective and successful way than any other social networking sites, of late. Unfortunately, very few ecommerce business owners have been…

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Important Intangibles for Your Retail Business

The retail landscape is changing dramatically and more and more shoppers are using smartphones, tablets, iPad’s to search for products, engage in-store and shop online. Consumers prefer to shop from stores that allow the most convenient and best shopping experience. Many retailers spend more time focusing in tangible factors that include inventory, printing and packing and shipping out products to customers. They are no doubt crucial factors to manage back-end operation but what many retailers…

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Top 5 Retail POS Apps

What is POS for retail? In the world of retail, POS is referred as point of sales – a system that allow customers to purchase a product and make payment for which the retailer normally issues a receipt for the transaction. History Earlier such software were known as ECR’s (electronic cash register), but with limited options. They would allow retailers to track their sales, calculate profit margin and few other related tasks. However, retailers had…

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Customer engagement strategy for your retail business

Today, with the advent of Internet – method of communication has changed dramatically. We can now connect and maintain relationships with anyone, anywhere in the world. This also applies in the world of retail. Simply spending money to only divert new customers for your retail business may not bring in the expected returns on investments, however building a continuous relationship with your customers will make it inexpensive and easy way to reach out to your…

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eBay and PayPal split: What it means to online sellers

To many this might be a surprise, but yes it’s a fact that online monsters eBay and PayPal have recently decided to separate after frequent pressure from activist shareholder and investor, Carl Icahn. This plan of action is likely to take effect next year, as Mr. Icahn proposed that having eBay tied to PayPal reduced the value of both units. And, he happily stated  that “eBay would then be known as eBay marketplace, while PayPal…

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