Impact of storytelling on your ecommerce business

Many business owners who run a website that sell products and services are often seen to focus more on the meta tags and descriptions to please search engines. This will no doubt divert traffic their store, but do they actually stay on site? Or do they disappear? Today, customers expect for more than just a scripted content on shopping sites. The content of your ecommerce website should not sound as a sales pitch, instead you…

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Is your Business Christmas ready?

The most-awaited kick-off of the shopping season – Christmas – is around the corner. This means, business owners need to pull up their socks and make the best of the festive season. Christmas is a joyful season – a tradition of exchanging gifts, and seasonal Christmas shopping began to gain economic importance. Knowing this, business owners need to prepare themselves well-in-advance to make the most out of it. They need to have a proper system…

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Inventory Management best practices for small businesses

Your inventory practice will determine the financial success of your small business. If you have a business that is involved into buying and selling of goods but often lack control on your inventory, then you end up with ugly scenarios that include shortage of stock – leading to missing sales opportunity and annoyed customers. Or, you may end up with access of inventory, which automatically increases warehouse costs and lessens profitability. If you are facing…

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All you need to know about Text Marketing

Day-by day the world of ecommerce is getting more competitive, hence as a retailer you need  to find a way to stand out from the crowd. What effective source can be used to attract customer’s attention? And, how can you build customer loyalty at the same time? Text marketing is the answer! People will like to receive your special offers and messages on their phones because it not only makes it more convenient and easy…

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Things to consider before setting up your Logistics Company

Starting with your own logistic company can be an ideal choice especially when you like to work with different kind of people. This can be a remunerative business only if you know how to start, run and grab every opportunity that comes in your way. There are several logistic areas you can target that includes e-commerce, real-estate, technology, banking, insurance. Today, there are many industrialized nations who are constantly looking for logistic companies to help…

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