5 Reporting tools for your small business

When it comes to measuring crucial metrics – you’ll find Google Analytics to be the most common tool used by many businesses. This is because, it is powered by Google which automatically brings in a trust-factor, also it is free and offers much-needed insights to get started and optimize overall sales performance. Google Analytics is no doubt the most preferred, cost-effective and recommended analytic tool for any small business, however there are many other affordable…

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How to design a successful social media campaign

Many years ago, companies used newspapers, flyers, brochures, radios to reach out customers which still remains an effective source for advertising – but they didn’t allow you to measure performance. Such source will no doubt spread out your voice to customers, but it becomes important for you to measure – what amount of traffic is diverted through each source? Which is the most potential source? Which is the least one? Knowing such metrics you can…

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Increase your Trade show sales: Tips & Tricks

A trade show (trade exhibition, trade fair, or an expo)  is organized by businesses to either announce the launch of a new product/service, or a marketing strategy to attract potential customers towards products/services. Creating such events will help you target a big pile of leads. Regardless to what type of trade show your are planning for your business – your aim is to attract maximum customers and convert them into potential buyers. There are many…

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Shopify Integration: Auto-sync is now live

Automating sync of orders, customers and inventory becomes very important to avoid mistakes that directly hits the bottom line of the business. Oderhive has taken automation to another level. Shopify users can now sync their multiple store’s into Orderhive allowing an easy access to all their data in real-time. Once integrated, any changes made to the product or customer – Orderhive will immediately auto-sync them into your Shopify stores to avoid confusion and maintain accuracy.…

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Top 5 online marketplaces to sell handmade items

If you are blessed with an artistic talent or excel in making handmade items, people will want to purchase them. Running a business from home can be simple, but limits you with the audience. However, in this 21st century – Internet has made it easy to sell products into the global market via online sales venue. Of course, there is one obstacle that you need to overcome to do so – finding the correct marketplace…

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