Top 5 Mobile Payments Apps

With the advancement of technology and increasing popularity of smartphones, people can now shop and pay for products and services, on-the-go. Hence, eliminating the need from carrying money or credit cards, businesses that support mobile payment wallets may have an edge in this new year 2015. This blog will highlight mobile payment trends (stats) and leading apps that have transformed the way businesses and customers make payment, in today’s digital world. Global mobile payment transaction…

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How conducting events can help your retail business?

Last year, many retailers leveraged social media to engage consumers and influence their purchase decisions, all in an effort to increase sales, attract new customers, and retain customers for their retail business. But in this new year 2015, we are expecting companies to go beyond that and use social media not only to promote products, but to actually sell them. Event marketing is the answer! Why conduct events for your retail business? In today’s buyer-empowered…

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Women rule ecommerce space: Facts and Figures

Ecommerce, in it’s early days was male-dominant, as the  product categories were limited to books, computers, consumer electronics and music. Also, having an ability to browse variety of product prices without having to visit the physical store sounded even more attractive to them. No later, when the concept of online shopping got limelight through social networking sites, more and more retailers adopted the idea of selling online. This opened the doors for new product categories…

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Pros and Cons of selling Luxury brands online

With the advent of “Internet” and ecommerce software solutions, today, anyone can sell products over the web. However, not all products are easy to sell online! Selling products online can bring you many advantages, however for a luxury brand, there are drawbacks too. For those who are willing to start selling luxury brands online but have postponed your launch, just because you are not aware about the outcomes, continue reading the blog. Below are the…

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Print Advertisements comes of age

Advertising has been around since the 15th century, however the evolution of print advertising revolutionized in the last hundred years. Commerce and technology, both have contributed in the history of advertising. Started in simple handbills and newspaper listings, today print advertising embraces technology and continues to offer new innovative ways for promoting products and service. Below is an exploration of the ever-evolving style of print advertisement design 1700s Looking at the history of print advertisements,…

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