What every fashion retailer can learn from retail giant, ZARA

Running a fashion store means you need to ensure that products and services are available to customers as per the latest trend prevailing in the market. And, today a successful example to look upon, is the brand Zara. Zara – a leading Spanish fashion retail brand is owned by distribution group Inditex. Founded in the year 1975, the brand is engaged in textile design, manufacturing, and distribution. Having an approximate count of over 1700 stores…

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Top 5 video-sharing websites to promote your business

If your business is a start up, then you how important it becomes to get your brand a widespread popularity. And, more important is to adopt the hottest marketing trend that has more weightage to engage traffic and divert them to your store. Plain text content has always been the key for marketing, however with the advancement of technology promoting brands and products through videos is lately in trend, helping business owners gain a competitive…

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10 Ecommerce Marketing Trends For 2015

Marketing has always been a backbone for ecommerce industry even before the advent of Internet. Outbound tactics that included flyers, stickers, business card, brochure, etc. were used then. However, today its the way around. Internet has made it lot more easy, quick and effective the way information is shared. Hence, most of the business owners have shifted towards inbound marketing techniques, antiquating many of those outbound techniques. With so many marketing tools available out there…

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All you need to know about Orderhive Products

Orderhive – multi-channel inventory and order management software has proven to be a bliss for many retailers, manufacturers as well as ecommerce store owners by offering them a centralized easy-to-use interface, an ability to integrate with tools as per business needs, as well as create solutions within the proposed budget. Ensuring a smooth back-end flow and valuable use of resources, Orderhive is rapidly gaining a popularity for being an ideal solution for any-sized businesses. Launched…

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Top 20 inspiring quotes every business owner should live by [Infographic]

Starting your own business can be challenging but good career and life choice. Similar to a gigantic roller coaster ride – you as a business owner will face highs and lows. But, one thing that will help you through those ups and downs, is to connect with some master minds. Below are inspirational quotes from business owners who confronted adversity to make it to the top! Operating your own business can be very challenging and…

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