Orderhive’s New User Interface Is Now Live!

We’re all excited to announce the launch of a new interface for Orderhive – that will allow the most easiest control, advanced flexibility, and exact fitting retailer’s need. With this release, users will benefit a more streamlined way to improve productivity and multi-channel management. The interface has retained its simplicity and core functionality, as these are the most important factors for users. Also, constant interactions with existing users and their useful feedback has helped us…

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5 Things Every Retailer Should Know About Mobile Commerce

Despite the increasing popularity of smart phones and tablets over the past five years, there are many retailers who have not taken an advantage of mobile commerce for their business. In this multi-screen world that we live, failing to offer user-friendly mobile-shopping experience to your consumers, is just losing you a big amount of money on the table. Mobile commerce is proving to be a powerful engine for both offline and online retailers. According to…

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Plus-Size Market: What Retailers Need To Know!

Plus- size market relates to the clothing industry and fashion market. And, apparel industry in the United Stated is compromising about 28% of global total and currently has a market value of about 331 billion U.S. Dollar. (Source – Statista) The global apparel market is ever-changing, and more and more retailers are attempting to adapt customer trends using new technology, all in an effort to make customers shopping experience even more enjoyable and ergonomic. The…

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10 Retail brands who are doing Instagram right

It’s been over two years since Facebook acquired photo and video-sharing app, Instagram. Since then, Instagram has experienced more than 500% increase in active users, confirming a count over 150 million monthly active users, till date. This is why, Instagram is proving to be the hottest social media marketing trend being utilized by brands to connect with their audience, in this new year 2015. Today, Instagram’s active users include some of the most successful retail…

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5 Apps every BigCommerce store owner should use

When you think of building your BigCommerce store, your primary focus, is to optimize it to your specific business needs. And, today there are many apps available in the market that plays nice with BigCommerce. These apps will help you ease most of your business tasks, and allow you to grow, speedily. In this blog, we will highlight five apps (most of them offer”Free” plans) to bring automation in major back-end tasks, that every modern…

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