Top product listing sites to promote your ecommerce business

Product listing sites offer consumers a platform to browse a variety of products, then compare prices offered by different brands, and then select a deal that best suits them. Proving to be an advantage for consumers, such sites are also useful to small businesses. They allow business owners to showcase their valuable offerings (products) in front of millions of new customers. And for doing this, retailers are charged a nominal fee and sometimes they land…

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Launch Your Magento Store With Ease Using MageCloud

Are you ready to take your online store to the next level with Magento? If you’re expecting some serious business for your online store in the future, then you should probably go with the most elaborate eCommerce platform out there – Magento. It may be difficult, at times, to find the right tools for your online business, which are both free and have extensive functionality. However, with Magento you don’t have to worry about any…

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Digital Wallets: What Online Retailers Need To Know

Today, with more and more people using smartphones – retailers need to take an advantage of technology to boost conversions. Apart from giving an ability to browse for products using their smartphones, retailers should try and adopt digital wallet payment options that will allow customers to also pay for their purchases on-the-fly. What is digital wallet? A digital wallet also known as electronic wallet is a payment method that can be used via any device…

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Top WooCommerce plugins to increase conversions

I’m sure most of us are familiar about WooCommerce. However, for those who had always overlooked the potential of this source – WooCommerce is a free WordPress plugin that has helped thousands of ecommerce websites with their out-of-the-box plugins to increase sales.  If you are thinking to revamp your ecommerce store, or looking forwarded to create a new one – you definitely should give WooCommerce a chance to create a great impact on product sales…

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Social media platforms to promote your business in 2015

Diverting traffic from social media platforms is easy than relying on organic traffic coming from search engines. Social media platforms has been around forever, in fact many of the business owners use Twitter, and Facebook for branding. And, business owners who are looking to connect with business-associated contacts usually use LinkedIn. No doubt they are the leading ones, however there are other social media platforms focused on business users to meet their needs. Below is…

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