How Has E-Commerce Changed Over The Years?

Since over a decade with the increase in the worldwide population the number of internet users has also grown. The global population in the 2005 was 6.5 billion with 16% using Internet, while 84% not using. Five years down the line in 2010, the global population was 6.9 billion with 30% using,  while 70% not using. Last year in 2014, the global population reached 7.2 billion, with an increase of 10% resulting to 40% of…

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The Notorious Challenges Of Online Sellers In India

MBA schools have always emphasized that the industry or businesses must overpower consumer’s might over products and services. While some industries have that, the ones increasingly disrupted by tech are becoming more favorable for the consumers. E-commerce is one of them. Goods delivered at your doorsteps for free with lenient return policies-this sounds like what every end consumer would want. However, while consumers enjoy the benefits, sellers are having a hard time keeping up within the…

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Marketing For Holiday Season: Sooner The Better

Online shoppers are always excited about holiday sales, and as per National Retail Federation non-store holiday sales, which is an indicator of online and e-commerce sales, grew 6.8 percent to $101.9 billion. With this above facts and figures, do you have a marketing calendar for your holiday season 2015? Are your promotional campaigns scheduled, product listing updated, homepage designed, etc. Sooner the better! This blog will share you reasons why you need to plan well…

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Selling Art Online: Tips & Tricks

Before the advent of the Internet, selling artwork included a lot of cost and effort behind it. From renting a place to display your products, to conducting marketing campaigns- all in an effort to make people aware that you are into a selling business. Today, with evolution of web, selling art online is now easy, and there are a number of marketplaces that allows you to do so for free. You may have the best…

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Why Investors Love E-Commerce Startups?

Among the many types of businesses- e-commerce is the hottest property that explains where investors money has been flowing in the recent months. We are not just talking about investors showing their interest to big players, small players and startups are also getting a lot of love from them too. an online bookstore as a startup, held its initial public offering in the year 1997. Investors who bought shares into the initial public offering…

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