How To Maintain Good Relationship With Your Suppliers?

Developing relationship with suppliers becomes very important to increase reliability and business, both, when you sell products. As and when you grow and start receiving multiple sales order for your retail business, you need to ensure you are getting better rates, quick service, and overall growth. Retailers who overlook the importance of suppliers need to realize purchase order failure can lead to increased stress, angry customers, as well as, loss of profits. Like any other…

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How To Entice Shoppers To Give Great Product Reviews?

Modern customers are more likely to get influenced and make instant purchases,  if they see great reviews about your products. This may sound good to you, but that doesn’t mean it tempts you showcase positive fake reviews, by paying for them. Instead of spending time and cost behind those fake reviews, why not use it in a correct way that will always eliminate the fear of getting caught. Some stats: “According to Econsultancy, 61% of…

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Why Centralizing Inventory Is Crucial To Increase Profits?

Whether you are running a single store or selling over multiple channels- the success of your e-commerce business will depend on how well you manage your inventory. Because, if mishandled- a business can hamper product movements that directly impacts the profit margins. Is centralizing the new buzzword for managing inventory? When an order hits your store, it is very important to ensure products levels are updated. Manual updated across multiple channels can increase the risk…

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How Dropshipping Can Help Small Retailers To Take On The Big Players?

Maintaining stock and order fulfillment processes for startups and small business owners eats a lot of capital, and things go expenses add-on even more, if done manually. The advent of cloud-based software solution has made retailer’s life so easy that it helps automate inventory management and order fulfillment processes, saving them a lot of time, effort, and money. One such innovative cloud-based solution, dropship management also known as blind shipping, is proving to be very…

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Orderhive launches integration with WooCommerce

The developers at Orderhive (a software that centralizes inventory and order management) constantly work on syncing effective integrations, allowing retailers with increased selling opportunities. We at Orderhive are excited to announce the launch of WooCommerce integration. For those who have not heard about WooCommerce, it is one of the most popular WordPress e-commerce plugin that allow retailers to sell their products over the web. Recording 6 million plus downloads, WooCommerce powers over 380,000 retailers.  …

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