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Contacts Management

Contact management software

Bring all your suppliers, customers, and users in one place for easy relationship management. Track important sales and purchase transactions with our CRM software.

Efficient contact management software

With all your business contacts store in one place, gaining business efficiency is easy.

Manage customers and suppliers

Orderhive’s contact management system will sync all your customer information, so you can avoid manual entry process. This will make it easy to instantly track details and make informed business decisions.

Store important details

With Orderhive, you’ll be able to view order history of all customers that will make it easy to offer customized services. Having an ability to track suppliers details, get a chance to work with the best ones.

Increase customer loyalty

Access any of customer’s information and offer them service as per their liking and increase revenue. Orderhive secures all your customer information, ensuring you have them whenever needed.

Enhance promotion strategies

With insights about your customer’s purchase pattern, you’ll have an ability to build loyalty. Get a real-time visibility of your customer’s preferences and get a chance to perform personalized promotional activities.

View sales and purchase history

Track sales and purchase transactions and make better decisions. Orderhive automatically syncs information for channels that you have integrated and saves them, so you can access it when needed.

Allow or deny access to your users

Wanting to manage orders on your own, no problem! Our security feature will allow you manage user’s activities, securing customer details and allowing better safety measures as per business requirements.

Explore more of our features

With Orderhive, you have all the features and tools you need to run and grow your business across multiple channels.


Our inventory management software will allow you to add and manage your products seamlessly. Sync all your selling channels to centralize and automate inventory process.

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Orderhive’s order management software will allow you to manage online and offline orders easily. Create full or partial shipments in minutes and delight your customers like never before.

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Connect the channels you use and love in Orderhive to automate back-end tasks. Not selling on any online channel? No problem. You can use Orderhive to manage offline sales and purchases too.

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With Orderhive’s purchase management software, add and manage online purchase orders with ease. Also, take charge of your inventory by receiving full or partial stock against purchase orders.

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With Orderhive, get discounted USPS rates to ship packages. Connect with leading carriers, check rates, verify addresses, and print shipping labels, all within Orderhive.

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Stay on top of your data by analyzing how every selling channels is performing and identify problem areas. Get an instant visibility of how your business is performing through our descriptive dashboard.

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Looking for a custom contact management software?

Managing multiple channels with limited resources can sometimes be overwhelming. Orderhive can be optimized to suit your unique user activities. Right from adding large number of users to giving them unique capabilities, Orderhive Solution can handle everything under the sun.

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