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Inventory Management

Smart inventory control software

Orderhive automatically imports products and their inventory from various channels. Automate your stock update process whenever a new sale or purchase takes place.

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Centralized inventory control

Manage all your products and their inventory from a single place.


Product Bundling/Kitting

Our inventory control software allows you to create and manage bundle products with ease. Automate and centralize inventory levels of simple and bundle products across multiple channels & warehouses.

Automate stock levels

When a sale is made on one channel, our multichannel inventory system will instantly adjust stock levels across all your integrated channels, in real-time. No more stock-outs, overselling, and other inventory woes.


Add multiple warehouses and manage inventory across them. Whether you’re a seller who uses your own warehouse, FBA, or multiple locations to stock products, handle your inventory with ease.

Low stock alerts

Set threshold value and get notified when the stock has reached that value with our inventory control system. This way you can replenish stock and fulfill customer’s order just when they need it.

Manage product variants

Create separate pricing tiers for each variants (that can includes size, color, flavors) by allocating different values, and manage their inventory accurately. Maintaining large product catalogues is no more a complication.

Barcode compatibility

Orderhive’s inventory tracking software works perfectly well with barcode technology. You can use barcode scanner when receiving inventory in your warehouse, searching products, and processing orders.

Explore more of our features

With Orderhive, you have all the features and tools you need to run and grow your business across multiple channels.

Need a customized inventory control software?

We understand that every retail, or for that matter any business into selling of physical goods operates differently, and you may require additional or unique features for your online inventory control software. Look nowhere as Orderhive Plus will allow you to customize the system as per your inventory, and other business needs.

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