Order Management

Still keeping track of orders through spreadsheets? Bid them goodbye and automate your order fulfillment process with Orderhive and track your performance in real-time.



Automatic synchronization of sales orders

Delivering orders faster, is very crucial to make your customers happy. Orderhive’s order management system synchronizes sales orders coming from different channel accounts, into a centralized system allowing you to easily manage, process and instantly ship your customer’s orders, all, at the tip of your finger.

Easy sales orders workflow

To reduce errors and mishandling of orders, it is important that orders are processed in a streamlined way. Orderhive’s order management system has a beautiful and process-oriented workflow which allows you to work on your customer’s orders in a systematic fashion. Process orders with the help of our step-by-step instructions.



Fulfill partial and full orders across multiple channels

Orderhive allows you to sync, process, and ship orders, all from it’s order management system. You don’t have to juggle between different order management and shipping tools to manage your orders. Orderhive’s in-built order management software integrated with ShipStation, EasyPost, Aftership will allow you to perform all sales orders tasks in few simple clicks.

Online Invoices

Orderhive’s order management software allows you to sync your customer’s orders from multiple channels and create invoices. You can print the invoice and email it to your customer with a customized message. Invoices generated in Orderhive are simple and have an aesthetic appeal to make your brand look better. Also, with Orderhive’s multiple invoice templates, you can present your documents in a more better manner.


Looking for a custom order management system?

Orderhive’s order management system is designed to suit most of the business back-end needs. However, if you’re looking for specific order management functions then experts at Orderhive will help you come up with the most cost-effective solution to make order processing a cakewalk!
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