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Order Management

Easy order management software

Still keeping track of orders through spreadsheets and hand-written notes? Bid them goodbye and automate your order fulfillment process with Orderhive.

Painless order management

With Orderhive, it’s easy to fulfill sales orders just at the right time.

Auto-sync of sales orders

Orderhive’s order management system will consolidate all sales orders coming from different channels, into a centralized system allowing you to easily manage, process and instantly fulfill your orders.

Easy sales order workflow

Orderhive’s order management system has a process-oriented workflow helping you to work on your orders in a systematic way. With Orderhive, you can confirm, pack, ship, and deliver orders with ease.

Easy dropshipping process

Add dropshippers, select a dropshipper type (with Orderhive account or email notification) and assign orders, all within a centralized system. Adopt Orderhive and ease dropshipping process.

Create partial and full shipments

Fulfill your order partially by only sending out the quantities you’re ready to ship. In-built order management software integrated with ShipStation, EasyPost, Aftership will allow you to ship and track orders faster than ever.

Automated shipping documents

Create packing slips, shipping labels from orders screen, and print them to make your package ship-ready. With our shipping management solution, choose between various shipping label templates.

Beautiful sales invoices

Print sales invoices, add a customized message and email it to customers. With multiple invoice templates, you can present your documents more systematically to make your brand look better.

Explore more of our features

With Orderhive, you have all the features and tools you need to run and grow your business across multiple channels.


Our inventory management software will allow you to add and manage your products seamlessly. Sync all your selling channels to centralize and automate inventory process.

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Orderhive’s order management software will allow you to manage online and offline orders easily. Create full or partial shipments in minutes and delight your customers like never before.

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Connect the channels you use and love in Orderhive to automate back-end tasks. Not selling on any online channel? No problem. You can use Orderhive to manage offline sales and purchases too.

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With Orderhive’s purchase management software, add and manage online purchase orders with ease. Also, take charge of your inventory by receiving full or partial stock against purchase orders.

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With Orderhive, get discounted USPS rates to ship packages. Connect with leading carriers, check rates, verify addresses, and print shipping labels, all within Orderhive.

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Stay on top of your data by analyzing how every selling channels is performing and identify problem areas. Get an instant visibility of how your business is performing through our descriptive dashboard.

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Need a custom order management system?

Orderhive’s order management system is designed to suit retail, wholesale, and manufacturing businesses. However, if you’re looking for specific order management features then you can get Orderhive customized as per your sales workflow and unique business needs.