Order Management


Still keeping track of orders through spreadsheets? Bid them goodbye and automate your order fulfillment process with
Orderhive and track your performance in real-time.



Auto-sync & Process Orders

Orderhive’s order management system synchronizes orders coming from different channel accounts, into a centralized system from where you can easily manage, process and ship orders quickly to your customers, all, at the tip of your finger.

Track Orders in Real-time

When you process orders, one of the major concern is on-time delivery. This is where integration with Aftership – a leading shipment tracking software comes in handy. It will allow you to expedite your order process, and keep your customers up-to-date.



Manage Partial Shipments

Create and manage partial or full shipments with ultimate ease. This feature streamlines order processing with it’s ability to create separate packing slips, shipping labels and invoices, as well as you can part-fulfill orders by date and keep a track of back-orders too.

Streamline Returns Management

Inefficient handling of returns can lead to unnecessary logistic costs. Orderhive’s order management interface will allow you process your returns with no fuss and will update increments in inventory, once added in the system.



Online Invoices

Orderhive’s order management software allows you to sync sales orders from multiple channels and create invoices. You can print the invoice and email it to your customer with a customized message. Invoices in Orderhive are simple and have an aesthetic appeal to make your brand look better!