5 of the best return management apps for your shopify store

Return management serves the purpose of reverse logistics in a supply chain process. Your return management process is executed as per your return policies. So, before framing return policies, you should consider, previously return approaches, you ought to precisely think about the nature of your product, client administration, furthermore, the cost required with the logistic coordination.

What advantages does a return management app offer?

Unfortunately, the rate of returns of online products has increased to 30% of all the products ordered online. As indicated by New York times 91% of online customers now consider your return policy before putting in an order request. It is thus crucial, that you meet your customers’ demands for convenient return options.

A return management app helps you efficiently organize & streamlines your return routines. It empowers you to monitor returned merchandise, increment your capacity to deal with returns and optimize the logistic cost.

When you browse through the Shopify store, you came across a variety of return management apps, its natural to get confused. Hence, We have drill down 5 Shopify apps that automate your core return management processes.

Let’s see what each of these return management apps bring to your table

1. Return management system

Return management system app lets you micro-manage each aspect of return management process. This apps makes returning items as painless as possible, both for the customer and the owner.

Unique Features

This is the only return management app which allows customers to return multiple products in a single return request. It let your customer print customized prepaid shipping label which resonate with their brand.


  • The Merchant can quickly create a Return Request with the necessary details like item Status, Quantity, Return Reasons etc. They can even send Return Forms with the Order packages which enables the customer to write the reason to return the package.
  • The App allows your customer to return multiple products in a single instance. The customers also have an option to upload images of items (defected parts) while creating a return request.
  • The merchant can customize the return reason status according to their workflow. This app Enables you to set rules to accept returns form channels like Shopify, fulfill exchanges and allows easy custom integration with third-party shipping management software like Shippo, EasyPost, and ShipStation.
  • As the merchant, you can create a custom time frame (since purchase) for returning products, make sure that any settings in your app are reflected in your published returns policy. You can also specify which products are available for return and which ones are not.


  • The built-in emails aren’t very good and require a lot of work to make them usable.
  • There is no option to not include the shipping cost in the total refund amount shown to your customers on the returns portal. So when your customer makes their own return request, the full amount of their order including shipping cost is displayed as what the total refund will be.


2. Return Manager by Bold



  • With the Bold app, you can customize the return portal and embed it with your return page. You can apply custom return rules for each product like if you want some products to be allowed to refund in a stipulated time, you can set such rules. You can even segment your products, form a group, apply custom shipping rules and speed up the fulfillment process.
  • You can customize the emails used for communication during the return management process. The app is capable to automatically send a UPS shipping label to customers when their return request is approved.
  • Bold gives you the capability to override the return rules and create a fresh new rule for the same. The return manager interface offered by BOLD can be customized so you can give it the look and feel that matches your brand.


  • Setting up the app is a complex process, you really need some technical expertise to get the app running.
  • Few of the merchants still encounter some bugs with the app, given that the bold team has a fantastic support guy, the bugs are fixed in time.
  • The app lacks automation of refunds, gift cards or exchanges, that is the reason the return part has to be done manually by the customers.


3. Return Magic



  • Powerful rules engine to personalize the return experience, the Return Magic provides a choice between cash refunds and gift card refunds.
  • The app provides a high level of customization of returns portal and emails. Ability to translate the app into the customers’ local language.
  • Best for merchants who need to process high numbers of return; constantly needs to approve returns, generate labels, and send emails and process cash or gift card refunds.
  • The only solution that supports over 50 carriers globally using your own carrier account at no extra fees.


  • Against the claims made by the App to charge according to the number of returns you have per month, some of the customers have claimed to be charged even for zero return volumes.
  • Few customers have shown displeasure in setting up the prepaid shipping labels, the app doesn’t support any alterations in the setting menu.


4. Returnly


The app provides an innovative way to offer discounts to its customers which is basically in the form of gift cards and other promotional items.


  • The app provides the best-in-class customer experience wherein they give the facility to customers to return on any gadget ( cross-functional devices ) without enrolling or signing in
  • The Returnly Returns Center is a completely facilitated, brandable, self-benefit entrance that accommodates to goal for your customers. It provides complete visibility on end-to-end returns process making it simpler for you to oversee returns. Returns Center offers keen merchandise exchanges, coordinations mix, propelled devices for CSR specialists, investigation.
  • Moment discount enables customers to purchase again with a gift voucher or buy a product against the return.


  • The pricing structure offered by App is bit complex, it has also added cost like extra fees like more than 1 return, customization, using your own carrier accounts, and custom reports.


5. Return by AfterShip



  • The app consists of all the basic return management features. With Return Centers Lite, your customers can submit return requests with a few clicks instead of email. You can track & manage all returns requests in one place. Once you approve RMA, shipping instructions will be sent out to customers automatically.
  • The customers can checkout using their phone numbers instead of emails. They can set up the returns with the option of either email or phone number as well as the order number.


  • A lot of great innovation has gone into this product. Still an issue with not being able to edit some languages is not yet possible.
  • It keeps nagging you to leave a review. Despite having left a review already and closing/dismissing the review begging banner, it keeps coming back every day to beg you.

A conclusive table below will help you figure out the right return management app for your Shopify store.





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