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6 must have Shopify plug-ins for a new e-Commerce business

Best shopify plug-in for new business

Till some time in the recent past, e-commerce business failures have been attributed to execution based factors alone. 

However, with Shopify and WooCommerce grossly filling that void, it is established that the factors deciding the fate of an e-commerce business are far more intrinsic and fundamental in nature. 

Some of these include-

  • Product Focus/Business model
  • Ability to generate recurring demand
  • Inventory control and management
  • Ensuring Cash Flow
  • Market Reputation

When all of them go good, the e-commerce business is most likely to succeed. If not, your chances only get slimmer.  

We have already covered Shopify extensions that help increase your sales

In this post, we are going to list 6 essential Shopify extensions that are a must have to succeed with your Shopify e-commerce store.

These plug-ins are essential to help you support your online business at its very fundamental level that includes the various factors we listed above.

For a new e-commerce store, these extensions are indispensable. So let’s begin our count straight away.

Sales Pop:

Why do you need this?

To gain trust right away for a new e-commerce store.

Pop Ups from Sales Pop

Pop Ups from Sales Pop

It is difficult for a new e-commerce store to establish credibility right away. Buyers often go by reviews of products to make a purchase. However, it is hard to accumulate customer reviews when you have just began.

As it is with a crowded brick and mortar store, that creates trust by drawing large footfalls, Sales pop works on a parallel idea to drive sales.

As the name goes, Sales Pop gives frequent pop-ups about the current purchases being made from your e-commerce store. This creates a sense of activity in the user’s mind and increases dependability and trust.

For a beginner on Shopify, it is must have.



Why do you need this?

To automatically manage a large number of processes including inventory, order, and shipping.

Making a sale on the site is only a fraction of total work done. The muscular part comes after that. Inexperienced e-commerce entrepreneurs often get a shocker when the operations part starts unfolding in-front of them after a while.

The process is manifold. As soon as the product(s) is shipped, you need to update inventory on your Shopify store.

In addition to that, if you are selling on multiple channels, updating the inventory across all the channels, along with your own database can be a nightmare.

Orderhive is a multi-channel inventory and order management Software

Orderhive is a multi-channel inventory and order management Software

Imagine you have 10 SKUs across 4 channels and sell at least one unit each everyday. In that case, you would still update 40 entries at least. This is tedious and it does not stop here.

Inventory replenishment through purchase orders needs separate bookkeeping as well. Add coordination with logistic partners into this and you have an extremely complicated process.

This is where you need a tool that can automate this pile of operations and help you avoid any goof up with your new business.

Orderhive does that pretty easily. While there are other tools to do that as well, Orderhive’s price and features are just unbeatable.

Price- $15/month

Product Reviews:

Why do you need this?

To accumulate and have total command on reviews

Product Review plug-in

Product Review plug-in. Image-Shopify

Everybody knows the importance of Product reviews and their influence on sale figures. Positive reviews effectively drive revenues for online businesses.

As far as new online stores are concerned, they need a review tool that can add the reviews to Google search results, hide bad reviews and has got bulk action commands as well.

Product Reviews by Shopify stands right in the middle of that. And the best thing about the plug-in?, It comes for free.



Why do you need this?

To help you maximize your revenues through recurring purchases

ReCharge Plug in

ReCharge Plug in. Image-Shopify

Let’s say you launch your e-commerce site with 10 types of new products. It is for certain that only a few of them would possibly get traction and substantially add to your accounting books.

This is why, a number of new sellers are focusing on items that have recurring demand from their product line. Your job is to make sure that these items keeps selling month over month.

As your customers receive constant distraction from your competitors, it is essential for you to have them engaged so that they purchase again.

What ReCharge does, it sends a notification to your customers subscription list on a specific date.

If your customer had a great purchase experience in the past, it is necessary to capitalize on that and what better than to remind them of their next purchase and automate it!  

Price- $19.99/month

Also bought recommendations:

Why do you need this?

Cross selling other products on your site to maximize revenues

Product Recommendation plug in. Image-Shopify

Product Recommendation plug in. Image-Shopify

Upselling is a great method to derive the maximum out of an individual buyer. Recommendations contribute to a large chunk of Amazon’s profit. “Also bought recommendation” plug-in does that for your brand new Shopify site.

For a new e-commerce business, it is extremely important to generate cash along with social referral and reviews in the whole process.

Price- $4.99/month

Ads by Varinode:

Why do you need this?

To assess your product fit against competition and maximize revenues

How Ads by Varinode works

How Ads by Varinode works

Ads by Varinode is an essential plugin which serves ads of your products on websites with identical product line. 

The best thing about Varinode is the fact that it targets live customers on other sites shopping similar products, making the ads extremely relevant and useful.

If you have some of the best line-ups against your competition up on your Shopify store, this one is a must have.

Price- Free

Apart from these, there are hundreds of other useful Shopify plugins to boost your new online business in no time. If you want to include your favorite extension in the list, comment below.

Arup Dey

Arup Dey

Arup works as Content Marketing Manager for Orderhive. Apart from running Orderhive's digital strategy, Arup likes to write deep and incisive articles on topics across a wide spectrum.

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