Amazon FBA and Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment made easy

Amazon FBA and Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment made easy

Get a real-time view of FBA stock levels and send non-Amazon orders to FBA for quick fulfillment from Orderhive’s centralized interface.

Amazon FBA and MCF Automation

Simplify fulfillment by integrating your Amazon Merchant and Amazon FBA account in Orderhive.

Auto-import of FBA products & orders

Orderhive automatically syncs your products and orders from your Amazon Merchant and FBA account to help you centralize your marketplace operations.

Auto-generation of FBA warehouse

Once you connect your Amazon FBA account in Orderhive, a new FBA warehouse gets automatically created which will consist inventory and details of all FBA products.

Real-time stock updates

Amazon has complete control over your FBA inventory. However, if any changes are made to stock on Amazon, then it will get updated to Orderhive automatically.

Send non-Amazon orders to FBA

Non-Amazon orders are sent to FBA from Orderhive for quick fulfillment. This automation will help you save lot of time and eliminates additional steps to manage your orders.

Automatic update of shipments

Once an order is shipped, Orderhive automatically imports shipment and tracking details and sends them back to the channel from where the order was synced.

Identify low-stock items

Managing channels can get tricky if you’re unable to track inventory in real-time. With Orderhive, you can easily identify FBA products which need quick replenishment.