Intelligently auto-assign your

Intelligently auto-assign your multichannel orders to AmazonFBA

If you are using FBA ( Fulfillment by Amazon ) for stocking & shipping, and selling across multiple e-commerce stores & marketplaces, then Auto-MCF will dramatically simplify your life by automatically submitting your multi-channel orders to FBA.

Amazon multi-channel fulfillment automation

Automate your Amazon MCF process with Orderhive

Auto-route sales orders to FBA

With this new feature, you are not anymore required to push sales orders manually to AmazonFBA. Orderhive will automatically route your multi-channel sales orders to FBA for fulfillment and track its delivery.

Add automation rule

Apply the Auto-MCF logic that helps you best optimize logistic cost and speed up delivery. Route your sales order by setting your warehouse location & shipping method priorities.

Run Auto-MCF scheduler

The Auto-MCF scheduler will run periodically, filter orders by store name, order status and payment status and automatically send the orders to AmazonFBA for fulfillment.

Auto-update Amazon FBA stock

Orderhive will automatically update your FBA inventory. Fulfill orders based on inventory availability. Orderhive enables automatic stock adjustments as sales orders are placed and purchase orders are received.

Track FBA shipments status

Orderhive will automatically imports shipment and tracking details and sends them back to the channel from where the order was synced. This help your customers to track their orders with ease.

Rule based automated engine

Orderhive’s Auto-MCF feature allows to dynamically apply fulfillment strategies and optimizes for reduced cost and faster delivery. The rule-based engine enables a cross-channel, fulfill from anywhere solution.