Our Core Competencies

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Stay on top of your fashion business

Improve your business bottom lines by syncing order and inventory in real-time for all seasons. Fashion brands can stay up-to-date with an accurate stock count, purchase orders, sales order, returns, and shipments.


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Completely automate routine tasks

Orderhive’s e-Commerce automation allows faster processing of your mundane routine tasks, quicker turnaround time, and saving your team’s huge efforts as the software does it all without any manual intervention.

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Outstanding client support

We believe in providing a positive experience to our clients. Our dedicated team are expert problem solvers and are ever ready to help with any issues at any time whenever you need help.

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250+ Fast and Easy Integration capability

Orderhive lets you integrate your fashion business with more than 250+ popular apps. So now, you can conveniently manage and grow your fashion business anytime, anywhere.

Features of Orderhive for Wholesalers / Manufacturers

Process your bulk orders with ease

Processing multiple bulk orders, invoicing them and shipping them to multiple locations can be automated easily with Orderhive.

  • Bulk import and export product information & orders
  • Bulk shipping using presets
  • Manage bulk orders for simple, variant & bundled products
  • Omnichannel inventory management
  • Invoicing option at multiple order stages

Ship your orders fast with 3PL integration

Seamlessly integrate your favorite 3PLs (third-party logistics) and reap the benefits of premium pricing with Orderhive for managing your shipping of single as well as bulk orders.

  • Quick filter order for different 3PLs
  • Bulk import order and shipment details from 3pl softwares
  • Shipping rate calculator
  • Shipment alerts and notification emails
  • Multi-channel orders shipping

Manage multiple warehouses from a centralized system

Optimize every aspect including space, labor, and stock flows. Improve labor productivity by offering real-time inventory visibility and reduce the level of inventory process errors caused by trivial paperwork and manual processes; Save both time and efforts of the warehouse staff.

  • Batch and location-based inventory management
  • Add and manage multiple warehouses
  • Paperless stock transfer between warehouses
  • Sync warehouse transactions with accounting
  • Automated stock-picking rules like FIFO

Make well-advised business decision with regular reports

Orderhive provides you with a set of reports for sales, purchase, and inventory to measure product performance and to track overall expenses. Get consolidated easy-to-understand reports that are precise, up-to-date data on cost, inventory, sales, shipping, expenses, profits and much more.

  • Warehouse inventory reports
  • Sales by country, states & cities
  • Invoice & Payment summary
  • Returns summary
  • Purchase Summary

Features of Orderhive for Retailer / e-tailers / eCommere/ Dropshippers

Faster Product listing

  • Create the bulk push listings for all your products
  • Import & export listing data/catalogues
  • Resolved duplicate SKU
  • Data mapping
  • Custom listing templates
  • Auto-sync listing data to all channels

Manage Dropshipping orders better

  • Order processing through FBA, dropshipping and 3PL
  • Engagement with drop shippers and customers from one place
  • Confirm or cancel orders in bulk
  • Quick PO creation for out-of-stock order items
  • Create, download, email and print invoice
Automation Action

Reduce workload with eCommerce automation

  • Trigger-based automation
  • Inbuilt & custom triggers
  • Time-based triggers
  • Mandatory & optional conditions
  • Order & shipping automation
  • Amazon MCF & Amazon FBA automation

Manage your product returns efficiently

  • Faster returns processing
  • Real-time status tracking
  • Send return updates via SMS or email
  • Automated refund processing
  • Return to warehouse, vendor or dropshipper
Cin7 Orderhive users report 2.5 times more efficiency in the order fulfillment process

Integrate everything that your business needs

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bulk add / update / delete the products in Orderhive?

Yes, Orderhive provides different yet related functionalities to add & update products in bulk using ‘import’ feature, while delete products in bulk from the product page itself.

I have same products under different names or SKUs in different channels. Is it possible to maintain same stock level for each?

Yes, you can link products in the Orderhive – i.e. linking two or more products together to maintain similar inventory levels centrally. It is advised to have similar SKU for a product across all channels, if not the same. However, SKU can be different due to reasons like a manual error or need of creating different SKU for easy channel-wise identification. Also, some platforms don’t have product SKU as a required field. In that case, you can link products after they are synced from your channels in Orderhive. On platforms like eBay where multiple listings have similar SKUs, you can link such products here in Orderhive to maintain a common inventory for all of them.

Please note that once products are linked, Orderhive will ensure that similar stock level is maintained for linked products whenever a new order comes in or when you manually change the stock count, while other product details are not linked or considered as same.

You can also unlink products when needed.

Does Orderhive give alert notifications about low inventory level?

Orderhive shows summary of total in-stock, low stock, and out-of-stock products on dashboard itself. You can also see the low stock items highlighted in red on Products page as well.

Does Orderhive handle expiry dates, batches and lot numbers?

Yes, Orderhive stock management software enables you to track your inventory based on Location, Batch & Costs. You can add each of these parameters in Orderhive, and assign them to products to be able to process orders and returns using LBC.

Can I transfer stock between warehouses using Orderhive

Yes, stock transfer is possible at every stage using Orderhive – right from the purchase stage itself. You can simply ‘add/create a stock transfer’ for one or more products in bulk from the Product dashboard or for any PO from the Purchase dashboard.

Kitting / bundling / assembling / composite products are supported in Orderhive?

Yes, Orderhive lets you add simple, configurable as well bundled products individually or in bulk and manage stock for all product types accordingly. You can also convert simple product into bundle whenever needed.

Can I generate SKU using Orderhive?

No, you can add SKU which was not created using Orderhive.

I duplicated SKUs for two different products. Can Orderhive help?

Yes, you can resolve duplicate SKUs in Orderhive. Orderhive lets you sync duplicate SKUs from the channel or store which you can then resolve from within Orderhive. And this SKU change from Orderhive will get updated on the respective channels if they permit. Its highly recommended to resolve the duplicate SKUs beforehand.

Does Orderhive support barcode scanning?

Yes, with Orderhive’s inventory management software, you can generate and assign a barcode label to each of your products, and simply scan it to track its movement. Orderhive is compatible with any USB or Bluetooth barcode scanner that supports EAN, UPC, QR, or Code-128 barcodes. You can check here how to assign barcodes to products and act upon them across different stages of inventory.

Does Orderhive have a Kanban inventory technique?

Orderhive new version is based on Kanban approach – which lets you undertake various order fulfillment processes in a streamlined way – taking one order or process at a time. This lets you and your team to know where and when to put resources to stay most efficient.

If I change the quantity or price of a product from Orderhive, will the updated value get reflected across all the marketplaces/ platforms (Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Wayfair, Etsy, etc) that I’ve integrated with Orderhive?

Yes and that too in real time. Within a fraction of seconds, all the updated prices of a product will get reflected across all the marketplaces/ platforms

How much time does it take to update stock from Orderhive stock management software to various integrated channels?

All the updation of stocks happens in real time. It hardly takes a few seconds to get updated.

Can I set inventory threshold level for all my products in Orderhive?

Can I fetch removed inventory into the system back?

Yes, Orderhive’s is laden with an easy functionality which allows you to archive or unarchive products from the list at any given point of time. Check how.

Does Orderhive help in physical inventory count?

Orderhive’s inventory management software makes physical stock count and warehouse inventory verification extremely easy with Stock Count feature.

What does Orderhive do?

Orderhive is a user-friendly, fast inventory management software. It shows real-time data about your inventory status. With Orderhive, every piece of your inventory will be accounted for. It will also track your goods from the moment an order is received, its journey through the supply chain until it leaves the warehouse for shipping.

What are the Pricing plans in Orderhive?

Orderhive offers multiple pricing plans that you can choose from, according to your organization’s requirements and budget. You can also opt for Orderhive Plus to get customized workflows and processes.

Does Orderhive offer a trial?

Yes. Orderhive offers a 15-day free trial for all newcomers. All you have to do is sign up, create your Orderhive account and you’re ready to go.

Why is Orderhive a great choice for businesses of all size and scale?

A smart eCommerce Inventory Management Software takes resolves all of the merchant’s problems such as overstocking, understocking, manual data entry, inaccurate inventory count and others. By utilizing Orderhive, you can tackle all these issues as Orderhive connects all sales platforms together.

This allows them to keep track of all the orders coming into their store through their e-commerce platforms (i.e.: Amazon, Shopify, Magento, and etc), the inventory across their warehouses, as well as what items are being shipped out – all in real-time. Orderhive Plus, our customized version provides tailored workflows and processes according to the needs of any type of business.