Unique Etsy Shops you can gain inspiration from

Ranked by an average number of monthly visitors, Etsy is considered to be one the most popular retail websites in the United States, as of September 2015.

This marketplace has surely attracted many aspiring artisans, as it allows them a platform to earn from their creativity. Encouraging artists from across the globe to sell from a wide-range of categories that include handmade goods, vintage and craft supplies- Etsy marketplace has its own unique style and vibes.

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Etsy marketplace does not only allow sellers a storefront to list unique products and start selling; however, they help them with in-built tools to improve visibility in the marketplace and across the web.

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Looking at Etsy’s growth from 2012-2015, it is reported for more than 1.5 million sellers who sold their products through Etsy ecosystem up from 1.35 million in the previous years.

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The above stats can make the marketplace look competitive for online sellers; however, many Etsy owners still manage to stand out from the crowd.

Below, I have selected unique Etsy stores across multiple categories that can inspire you to confidently start selling over one of the fastest growing eCommerce marketplaces.

Etsy Shop example 1: JollyPearShop

Overall sales: 3996

Their collection: Tumblr Clothing, Teen Tumblr Shirts

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What makes it unique?

Established in the year 2015, this Jolly Pear Shop stands outs for offering fashionista an opportunity to shop from a wide-range of shirts displaying creative expressions, logos, and quotes.

Offering cool collection, this Etsy Shop is increasing its popularity among teenagers and people by allowing to shop from designs that can best match their playful mood or occasions.

Etsy Shop example 2:  thefabbridal3

Overall sales: 2040

Their collection: Bridal Jewelry

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What makes it unique?

Established in the year 2014, thefabbridal3 deals sells the finest bridal collection that includes necklaces, earrings, and jewelry sets. Apart from allowing people to shop for jewelry wears to match any occasions, this Etsy Shop also helps online shoppers with customized note card appropriate to the product chosen.

Allowing customers an ability to send a personalized message along with the gift to their dear ones, I find this can be an effective strategy to increase sales customer loyalty, both.

Etsy Shop example 3: SewLiberatedPatterns

Overall sales: 3946

Their collection: Specialty Gift Engravers

Etsy Image 5

What makes it unique?

Established in the year 2007, Sew Liberated Patterns updates the most unique design of women’s top, tunics, apron, bag, as well as, baby carrier.

Having spent much of her time in sewing and knitting, this Etsy store owner enjoys offering best work to flatter the constantly changing bodies of mothers too.

Etsy Shop example 4: TealsPrairie

Overall sales: 65268

Their collection: Specialty Gift Engravers

Etsy Image 6

What makes it unique?

Established in the year 2013, Teals Prairie & Co. offers a range of gift sets for him and her, cutting boards, stationery and more.

Accommodating gifting sets, this Etsy Shop gives shoppers an ability to increase their bonding with their loved ones by allowing them to engrave initials and graphics to their purchased products, as per their choice.

This strategy can result in a good customer service and shopping experience too!

Etsy Shop example 5: NaturesBody

Overall sales: 128

Their collection: Handcrafted Body and Bath products

Etsy 7

What makes it unique?

Established in the year 2015, Nature’s Body sells an assortment of hair products, lip balms, fragrances, deodorant, shaving, grooming and other beauty products.

Such products are available with a number of sellers; however, this Etsy Shop deals with products made of natural ingredients to best match one’s skin.

Etsy Shop example 6: GagaBibs

Overall sales: 597

Their collection:  Baby Bibs

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What makes it unique?

Established in the year 2014, GagaBibs offers a range of adorable bibs for newborns. Allowing an ability to shop from an assortment of cool, cute and funny Bibs designs, this Etsy Shop ensures tailor-made gifts too, for your special young one.

Considering the hassle of feeding a newborn, customized message or design will automatically encourage them to have fun while eating.

Closing advice for selling on Etsy marketplace

Etsy marketplace has thousand of sellers selling on the same platform, but, that doesn’t mean they’ll be able to spot your Etsy Shop.

With hundreds of artists selling in the same categories, it will take time to gain visibility. However, the products the unique your products and services are, the quicker visibility and sales you can earn from your Etsy Shop.

Apart from focusing on offering a unique product line, keeping a tap what type of “tags” and what your write in the “product description” will help you in improving your Shop’s ranking in Etsy’s search results and other search engines too.

Also, each Etsy Shop will reflect the number of “Views” for each product and how many add them to “Favorites.” Encouraging these two factors will help your chances of Etsy Shop being seen among the large customer base, who visit the site regularly.

Easily gain a competitive advantage by opening more than one Etsy Shop, however, ensure you adopt an eCommerce software that allows easy Etsy Shop integration in one centralized system to manage them efficiently.

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Savio Fernandes

Savio Fernandes

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