Boost holiday sales with the correct selling strategies

It is said and seen that any business into buying and selling of products experience a 30% 40% of rise in sales during upcoming holidays, and if you get have a powerful selling strategy in place you can double the number.

With Thanksgiving, Christmas and year end round the corner, there are multiple ways you can implement to divert more sales and bank as much revenue as possible, no matter what economic climate. The key is to be proactive. If you want to take an advantage of holidays like any other successful retailer, you need to take charge and make it possible.

Below are some ways that will help you leverage sales and save your sanity this holiday season.

Prior Holidays

– Increase store visibility

You may have the best selling strategies in place and you are all set to offer a joyful shopping experience to your customers,  but if your store is not sound and visible to them then you are leaving money on the table. Whether you have a store downtown, or own an online shopping portal – in order to withstand large player (who also take an advantage of holidays) you need to increase store visibility.

For your online store, hire experts and adapt SEO tactics to keep your site’s and product ranking top in search results, run effective marketing campaigns and promote your holiday offerings, well in advance.

For your offline store, adopt offline marketing strategies that includes distributions of advertisement pamphlets, put up stickers all-around the area, and make use of social networking sites to target neighborhood cities.

– Brighten your storefront

Holidays thrills everyone and all are in a joyful mood, therefore keeping your store looks the same during regular days of the year will not entice customers to visit your store. It becomes important to go according to the mood of holiday shoppers.

For your online store, ensure your website displays more flashy visuals rather than content with eye-catchy color combinations. Also, adopt tools to allow some fun to make it more engaging. The more you encourage customers to stay on your website, the more they’ll shop from your site.

For your offline store, adopt a color scheme that helps tell the story of your product and is unique to make you stand out from retail neighbors and distraction that you may have around your location. For example, if your store is selling teens clothing then the latest fashion-forward color will draw their attraction.

– Stock enough products

Whether you have an online site or an offline store, through your advertisement you have managed to divert hundreds and thousands of customers to your store, but if you don’t have enough stock to fulfill their needs, all your advertising cost and effort will go in waste. Not only this, saying no to customers will create a negative image of your brand in their mind who may spread a bad word of mouth.

For your online store, if you dropshiping – ensure you have trustworthy suppliers, however if you stock your own inventory make sure you have enough products to avoid nightmares. Focus more on stocking inventories that are best selling and widely in demand. Running short of your most popular items not only costs you sales, but a bad customer service too.

For your offline store, co-ordinate with suppliers whom you deal with and during shortage ensure that they’ll be there in no time. However, if you produce your own products then it is advised to stock them up, because in case of access, it can be sold after holidays

– Organize products

For online and offline store owners arranging products in way that can allow easy and quick access becomes very important during rush days (holidays).  The reason, because if your products are jumbled, can create a difficulty in tracing the one needed and you’ll have to simply deny your customers. You may be having the product in your warehouse but just because they were not organized you could not trace it, and you lose sales.. Holidays are the best time to increase sales and profit, hence you will not like to ignore this tip.

– Have a good customer support service

To offer a good shopping experience, it becomes crucial to adopt a robust support service during holiday. Customers like to shop from stores that allow quick support when needed or else it takes no time for them to leave your site for one of your competitors.

For your online store, having a live chat support during holidays is a must! This makes it easy for your lost customers to immediately coordinate with your support team and continue shopping from your site. Just offering a customer support email address and number on your website is no doubt important, but having a live chat support will make them feel that there is a live person to interact with, in case of confusions.

For your offline store, hiring a team of experienced staff is a must! Employing staff and offering incentives on performance will keep them happy and encourage them to perform even better and ethical to make maximum incentives.

During Holidays

– Highlight best selling products

You as a retailer may have one, two or even more products that sell throughout the year, hence focusing more on best selling products can divert maximum sales order during holidays (rush days). Highlight the best selling ones through flashy adverts and make it clickable so that the customer does not have to spend more time in searching the product. And, if you have an offline store – make use of mannequin using the product that will make your best selling product even more attractive to encourage any passerby to add the product to their cart.

– Focus on upselling

Holidays are the best time of the year to combine products and sell them to your customers. This is also known as upselling. Doing this you not only increase order value but boost profit margin too. For instance, if you deal with cameras and implementing upselling strategy offering a tripod and an extra lens you encourage customers to add the combo to their cart in order to take an advantage of the great deal at a great price.

– Offer slow moving products at a discounted rate

There maybe some products that are stocked in your warehouse and are moving slow, hence holidays are the best time of the year to get rid of them in an exciting way. Discounts entices any and every shopper, no matter they shop online or from the store. Instead of keeping it as a dead stock, it better to get them away (even for a negligible profit). Offer slow moving products at a very discounted rate and don’t forget to highlight the discounted percentage. Looking at the discount sign, will attract more and more viewers eye which automatically increases the chances of sales.

– Giveaway freebies, cash back rewards

Holidays are not just only a time to boost sales and profit, simultaneously you need to focus on customer satisfaction. Try and giveaway products and cash back rewards to customers having a larger bill amount or whom you feel can be your loyal ones . This will encourage more and more customers to shop more to win the reward. This will not only increase profit for your store, but also improves customers shopping  experience.

– Have a clear return policy

Every shopper would first look up for a return policy whenever shopping online or offline. Of course, not all products can have a return policy, however if you deal with apparel, electronic – make sure you have a clear return policy in place. This will remove the fright amongst shoppers incase they land up with a product that does not fit their need. Having this policy in place, you will automatically increase sales.

– Offer multiple payment options

Today, there are a number of methods for making payment and shoppers like to shop from stores that allow multiple payments methods. For online stores, it becomes very important to offer multiple payment options that is another great selling strategy to make customers cling to your site and make payments for their purchase as per their choice. However, for offline store – offering cash, cheque, debit/credit card payments is a must during holidays.

– Implement a seasonal packing material

You want your customers to keep your offerings and brand in mind even after holidays, therefore for future prospect – a packing material can be a great help. Another reason, packing products in the same old material will not create an excitement when the customer receives it. So, implementing a seasonal packing material that is attractive will keep your brand’s name alive in the customers mind, even after holidays. So, if your customers gift their beloved ones, the packing material will be as great source to increase your brand visibility.

– Encourage feedback, and email subscription

Feedback for customers becomes very important to know the loopholes (if any) for your offline store, so make it point to train your staff and encourage more and more customers to fill out the feedback form. This will not only help you gain insights about your offering and service, but also gives you customers details (name, number, email address) which can be later used to re-target customers. For your online store, implement a software that will encourage customers to add reviews and share them in their network. This will divert more customers to your holiday offerings. Also, encourage email subscription for future prospects.

– Don’t ignore mobile users

Mobile has maximum users when it comes to technology, and the number is increasing day-by-day. Therefore, you should not overlook the importance of this source during holidays.

For online store, if you are having a mobile app – implement promotional tactics that will attract and allow shoppers to quickly and easily shop from the place they are, during holidays. But, if you don’t have a mobile app – ensure your website is mobile optimized offering content same as your website (not trims and cuts). This will help mobile users to take an advantage of your holiday offerings on-the-go.

For offline store, making your store a Wi-Fi zone will be an added advantage during holidays. Customers research online and shop offline, and trust me there are many such customers. Therefore, embracing in-store Wi-Fi – your customers can quickly search for product information and features on-the-go which allows them to make quick purchase decisions.

After Holidays

– Run a promotional email campaign

You may experience a huge rush during holidays, you make enough sales and profit. But, what after that. Won’t you like most of them coming back and shopping from your store in future. This is where email campaigns come into picture. You managed to get more and more customer’s email address during holidays, therefore targeting them with re-targeting emails can make them your loyal ones who will always return to your store whenever they wish to shop for a product that you offer. And, re-targeting customers is much cost-effective than diverting new ones.

Happy Selling! Godspeed!

Savio Fernandes

Savio Fernandes

Savio Fernandes is a writer who influences. Writing for over three years at Orderhive, he is currently focused in offering eCommerce and retail solutions for start-ups and medium business owners.

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