How to boost your online sales by using Orderhive?

What is Orderhive?

Found in 2013, Orderhive is a cloud-based software product of Openxcell Technolabs Pvt. Ltd. Openxcell is a reputed information technology company located in Gujarat, India.

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Orderhive is a complete ecommerce solution for small and medium business that integrates orders, inventory, customers data across multiple channels, allowing online store owners the confidence that back-end operations and data are under control. Orderhive has a built in inventory management software and order management system so as to allow online retailers make a timely, and informed decision on top of their financial performance.

Orderhive is a boon to establishing online retailers as it easily allows them to integrate with leading selling platforms and marketplaces, giving them an access to multiple channels to boost their sales.

Why you should choose Orderhive for your order and inventory management?

If you run a busy web store with hundreds of products, or your are an established retailer with few products, you will always want an organized way to manage your inventory, order, customer and logistics. A flexible and comprehensive ecommerce business solution like Orderhive should enable you to manage those tasks easily and under your own stream, without needing any technical knowledge or manual updates on product-by-product basis.

Order fulfillment process can be a real daunting task for any small and medium business owners, especially for the establishing ones. Orderhive will be a bliss to those retailers, specially designed keeping non-technical users in mind and understands what ecommerce order fulfillment is.

Inventory is one of the most important factor to be considered in an online retail business, no matter how small, medium or big your organization is. Good inventory management software provides stability to business.

Here are some good points what you can get with Orderhive inventory management software:

  • Optimizing your inventory to meet product availability.
  • Offering an inventory visibility in real-time.
  • Stating inventory accurately in financial reports.

There many benefits of this integration but these three can provide a significant impact to boost your online sales.

Efficient inventory tool:

Having an organized inventory management is paramount to both customer and online retail store owner. Meeting these conflicting objectives is tricky and stocking extra inventory is a loss of money. Organizing the right flow of inventory in your store and across all your selling channels requires your sales order and planning system to have real-time visibility of your inventory and Orderhive acts as a boon to these online retail owners allowing them to integrate with a complete inventory management software that offers a real-time visibility of your inventory on a single screen.

Supply chain visibility:

Orderhive offers an inventory management system that helps you integrate not only with the company’s back office systems, but also with leading carriers. By seeing your company’s fluctuating inventory levels, they can ensure their product is available at your warehouse when your customer needs it.

Proper insight of your financial reports:

Orderhive’s helps you integrate transaction in your inventory system with your back-office chart of accounts by which you can ensure an accurate financial integrity in your company reporting.

When it comes to order fulfillment, every store owner must indulge with a stable order management software. Orderhivemakes this job simpler. It allows online retail owners to easily manage back-end tasks like picking up of the product from warehouse and shipping it to the customer, and sending email notification to the customer informing that the order is on its way.

Here are some good points what you can get with Orderhive order management software:

  • Allows you customer a flexibility to shop and interact through multiple channels easily.
  • Gain a proper co-ordination of order-to-fulfill process across sales channel
  • Get a complete visibility of stock levels and order information.

The major advantage of outsourcing the task to Orderhive is that they are totally customer focused. You can look ahead to least errors from them when compared to your in-house team. They give a massive importance on faster delivery of the products; hence, they are not just loyal to your customers, but also to you.

Is Orderhive a boon to establishing retailers?

As per the recent market research, we have learnt that online sales are covering a considerable part of the overall volume of retail sales. With this tendency boosting in a rapid pace, it is not surprising to see new online ventures emerging in the world of ecommerce every single day. With this growing competition, it is a daunting task for establishing retailers to withstand their competitiors in order to achieve a stable growth. If you are one of those, bid goodbye to the hassle of managing your inventory, order and customers as Orderhive- a complete ecommerce software solution allows you to integrate your store with Orderhive, from there you can manage all your back-end operations seamlessly through a single integrated screen. Establishing and small retailers can now integarte easily leading markeplaces through Orderhive and explore to new selling opportunities and develop a firm customer base, which in turn will allow you grow rapidly.Orderhive offers a very cost-effective solution for any small and establishing retailers get connect with the right marketplace depending on your product and your traget audience.

How can Orderhive boost online sales?

Orderhive is specially designed for establishing and small retailers in order to help them explore new selling opportunities and manage omni-channel ecommerce operations from one integrated system.

Let me explain you with 5 ways to boost online sales through Orderhive:

Offering an advanced and powerful set of integration tools, retailers can now get product information to market faster, streamlined order management, and integrate warehouse and suppliers for real-time inventory management. This results to increase sales, more consistent data visibility and reduce operating costs.

Integrating your store with Orderhive will offer an integrated inventory management system, which in turn syncs all your inventory in a single screen and allows you a complete visibility of your products that comes in your store and products that goes out of your store. This will help you manage your product levels and avoids stock-outs or overselling scenario, which in turn helps you make use of your resources efficiently and boost your web store sales like never before.

Orderhive offers a seamless order management system through which you can ensure a proper order fulfillment process and helps you integrate with leading carriers that will ship your customers orders in minutes instead of hours. This will lead to customer satisfaction and retention too. Allowing you with rich order fulfillment tool, you can manage all your back-end operations easily and increase revenue.

Orderhive plays nice with leading selling platforms and marketplaces that include Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Bigcommerce and many more. Through Orderhive, small and establishing retailers can now easily integrate with leading platforms and consolidate all products, orders, customers data and information from every selling channel into one centralized system. This not only allows you to explore new selling opportunities and boost sales through leading platforms, but also allows you to manage omni-channel back-end operations easily with no hassle of handling your multi-channel operations separately. Orderhive will help you deliver the right products at the right prices on the preferred sales channel will help substantially increase your overall sales while giving your team the ability to synchronize inventory across all channels in real-time.

Orderhive offers you accurate real-time reports and analytics to optimize your back-end operations, which in turn helps you to boost sales. With Orderhive’s real-time reports and analytics, you can make informed decisions by which you can increase your store’s visibility through search engine analytics, improve your site’s conversion rates and increase shopping cart value. Orderhive provides the analytics that will give you the complete perspective on your business performance- from inventory, order and fulfillment performance through customer satisfaction and retention.

How does Orderhive embrace multi-channel sales?

With an increasing demand of online sales, operating a single old-fashioned independent channel is no longer practical for any online retailers. The buzzword in today’s world of online selling is multi-channel selling. Multi-channel retailing is an advanced method of reaching out to customers through different channels of sales.

Orderhive, will help small and establishing retailers to embrace the multi-channel challenge. When small retailers integrate with an e-commerce platform such as Orderhive, it streamlines their inventory and order management system and more effectively helps them to manages orders, inventory, order processing, customer database, reporting and so much more.

While online selling has opened a faster and easier world of shopping for consumers, multi-channel e-commerce has provided advantage to sales. Small and establishing retailers benefit from higher sales, more customer loyalty, and a great chance to up-sell and cross-sell to customers who buy online. The benefits are so large that more retailers are switching into this form of integrated selling.

Orderhive’s multi-channel integration can help small and establishing retailers integrate and manage multiple ecommerce web stores and control their entire inventory through a centralized inventory management system. It allows selling across leading channels like eBay, Amazon, Shopify and many more, which i turn automates all orders into one system. Orderhive has customized inventory management software, syncs in real time with the online sales helping to maintain a single stock and inventory system. This strategy can help small retailers reduce expenditure, improves business awareness generate multiply profit considerably.

Orderhive’s integration with leading channels is a boon to establishing and small retailers, which in turn helps them overcome multi-channel challenges and grow with confidence. This integration enables retailer to scale their business across various channels and web stores with real-time margin visibility and control.

Savio Fernandes

Savio Fernandes

Savio Fernandes is a writer who influences. Writing for over three years at Orderhive, he is currently focused in offering eCommerce and retail solutions for start-ups and medium business owners.

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