Automate your customer communications and avoid manual data entry

Cin7 Orderhive users can manage customer communications quickly and easily with Burst SMS.

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Provides customer engagement

Update your customers at every stage of order processing with automated messaging. An SMS can be sent at any stage - notify customers when their order is created, updated or shipped using the Burst SMS integration.

Send customized SMS

Customize the SMS you sent to your customers by creating your own SMS template on Cin7 Orderhive.

Automate SMS workflow

Choose from a wide range of conditions to trigger an SMS to customers. Log customer responses as a comment in the order. Comments can then be used as conditions to trigger certain actions and thereby automate the entire process.

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Connect your sales channels to Cin7 Orderhive to simplify inventory and order management. Contact us to integrate your choice of sales channels with Cin7 Orderhive.

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