Cloud-based solutions that offer mobile apps- How they are helping retailers?

As the New Year has already begun, I’m sure you must be looking out for the simplest ways to stay productive when performing your daily eCommerce tasks.

Despite the evolution of eCommerce software and cloud-based solution, online retailers are still finding it difficult to perform a smooth business flow for their eCommerce stores.

Whether you run a single store, or, have a chain of stores- how can you manage productivity? Apps are proving to be an ideal solution for eCommerce owners!

Having the ability to process major back-end operations from their own convenience, app-rooming is next big thing that online retailers should have an eye on.

In this blog, we will discuss on five must-have mobile apps that are already helping many online retailers perform their major tasks, effectively.

Here we go:-

I- Check stock levels and process customer’s orders

Managing stock and processing customer’s online purchase orders are two important pillars for running a successful online store. Unable to cope up with your fast-moving sales order flow, you are losing many opportunities that come your way.

From updating inventory to fulfilling your customer’s orders, having an ability to perform such tasks from the tip of your finger; can save you loads of time and efforts.

What can be the best retail management app for your eCommerce business?

Orderhive app

Orderhive mobile apps are allowing online retailers a chance to eliminate the risks of stock and fulfillment issues. Offering intelligent assistance, this solution is making it easy for start-ups and small online retailers to smartly deal with their inventory requirements and order processing.

Key benefits:

– Easily sync multi-store products details at one place
– Auto-update stock level and price-change
– Gain order status visibility
– Process customer’s orders- print shipping labels, track orders, etc

II- Assist customer’s concern

Selling products to customers online, it is important you keep them in the loop until order delivered. Online shoppers would surely not like to deal brand that creates a dead air from the time they have placed the order until they receive it.

By offering next day delivery and fulfilling customer’s orders at the earliest, you may overlook the customer’s questions. However, most of the customer’s simply contact brands just to ensure a quick and safe delivery.

Unable to address even one of your customer’s concern, can spoil your brand image, and things get worse in the case of late product delivery.

What can be the best customer support app for your eCommerce business?

Zendesk 2

Zendesk mobile app is another winning app solution that is allowing retailers an ability to stay connected with their customers, irrelevant to the time or place. Offering a chance to build relationships, this app is surely helping retailers to reduce friction and improve customer experience.

Key benefits:

– Single access to all your query tickets
– Offer instant solution/support
– Save interactions

III- Engage with shoppers

With the advancement of technology, today, many online retailers are being able to push promotions to their customers as per the location and preferences. However, this tactic can make the customer feel you are forcing them to make a purchase, instead, running a loyalty program will add a value to your best customers.

Having an ability to focus more on your existing customers will automatically increase the chances of attracting new ones for your online stores. How? By offering your customers an excellent shopping experience will encourage them to spread good reviews about your brand and create inquisitiveness among online shoppers across the web.

What can be the best customer engagement app for your eCommerce business?

SAP Shopper Experience SAP Store

SAP Shopper Experience mobile app is allowing retailers to stay connected with their existing customers by organizing reward programs and sending personalized offers. The best part of this app, it will allow online shoppers accrue points and use them for their future purchase with your online store.

Key benefits:

– Design personalized events and programs
– Offer customized rewards
– Allow easy redemption

IV- Engage with social networkers

If eCommerce is considered to be the king when it comes to shopping, then social media is the queen that is allowing many people to gain information and make purchases. Making your brand’s presence available on leading social media sites is a must; however, not being able to keep a track will lose your many potential customers.

Creating a business account with leading social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram will make sense only if you are an active user.

What can be the best social media engagement app for your eCommerce business?


Hootsuite’s mobile app is helping online retailers to stay on top of social media from anywhere. Offering easy to use tools, this app is surely helping retailers to understand customer’s behaviour and make better decisions to increase customer engagement level over their social business accounts.

Key benefits:

– Seamless integration with your leading media accounts
– Offer personalized content
– Auto-schedule content and promotional messages

V- Track operational costs

Running an online store involves a lot of costs, and not being able to gain clear insights of your daily expenses will impact bottom line results. Tracking your online store’s operational costs on a regular basis will help you overcome surprises at the end of the financial year.

What can be the best accounts management app for your eCommerce business?


QuickBooks Online mobile app has been around since quite a while now offers real-time collaboration, making it easy and quick to track outstanding payment and process immediate clearance. This would save the interest of late payment, as well as, build a stronger relationship with existing clients.

Key benefits:

– Organized payment structure
– Create invoices on-the-go
– Track and clear unpaid invoices

Wrapping up

Gone are those days when apps were all about games and social media, today, many apps are seen to be helping retailers gain a complete control on their business operation with ease.

Mobile apps are not only exploding in the consumer world but also, in the business world too!

Savio Fernandes

Savio Fernandes

Savio Fernandes is a writer who influences. Writing for over three years at Orderhive, he is currently focused in offering eCommerce and retail solutions for start-ups and medium business owners.

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