Top 3pl companies in Al Jahra Governorate, 2020

Are you searching “ Where are the top 3pl Third-party Logistics companies located in Al Jahra Governorate?” Since Al Jahra Governorate is a large state, there is a score of third-party logistics companies in this state, which makes it difficult for you to pick a reliable and efficient 3pl company. To make things easier for prospects, Orderhive have prepared a list of iconic companies that provide excellent 3pl services in Al Jahra Governorate.

Last updated on 18th Jun 2020


Top 3pl companies in Al Jahra Governorate, 2020 (1)

Agility Logistics

1. Agility Logistics

Warehouse Locations:

Al Jahra Governorate

Products Categories:





Hazardous Goods

Home Furnishing

Industrial Equipments


Sulaibiya, Beside Land Customs Clearing Area Safat،
13115, Kuwait