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What AN & Associates Achieved by using Orderhive?


We are all working together, that is the secret.”


Working together helps achieve a great many things. It is the mind of two knowledgeable individuals that work together for greater success. Today we will share one such success story that has brought the best out of both of us. 


About AN & Associates

A huge name in the E-Commerce world, they run nearly 50 – 70 brands, all over Shopify stores. It was established in the year 2012 and the company is known for their multi-sector services. They provide various brands throughout different sectors. AN & Associates are headquartered in Canada, but their presence and products are widely spread across North America, Australia, Asia, and Europe.


“We have to price efficiently because new brands can’t always get away with charging a premium like some established brands can,” Gandhi says. “But you can’t price your product too low or people might think there’s something wrong with it.” Also, “We’re successful, in part, because of Shopify Plus,” Gandhi says. “We tested all of the competitors and Shopify is the best.”


Obstacles faced by AN & Associates

When the company works on a multi-sector or multi-brands level, there ought to be inventory challenges. Moreover, the company works with roughly 50-70 brands at a time. Thus, keeping track of all the products and their movements are definitely a tough task. Apart from inventory management problems, also, as AN & Associates sells all their brands on Shopify platform, it is difficult to navigate between various channel partners, order management, and order volume. 


“You should see how sad we get when we receive a negative review,” he says. “Even if a problem is not our fault we still feel deeply for our customers and are always working to improve their experience.”


Thus, to sum up, AN & Associate were facing:



Innovative Solution and Features for AN & Associates

The challenges faced by AN & Associates are unique in their own. You can say, every company faces their unique and personalized challenges. Even if there are two different companies belonging to the same industry, the problems and challenges will surely differ from company to company. Thus, it is not possible to give out or recommend standard and generic solutions to all the businesses. The solutions must be customized and altered from problem to problem. 


“We were searching for someone with expertise and integrity as our communication would be mostly online. Orderhive arrived at a time of crucial need, as we were undergoing huge developments. We were growing and wanted a reliable organization to cater our needs. Orderhive gave us solutions and advice on our technical aspects” says Rohit, Manager at AN & Associates


This is where Orderhive stepped in. The team did their best in understanding the base of the problem and organized frequent discussion or meetings over the time. This way, Orderhive knew exactly what would help with their ongoing problems. Orderhive offered AN & Associates a highly scalable system which could manage 150 channel integrations in one single system and update stock levels in real time. This way, they need not worry about inventory levels and at the same time, the integrations help them with being updated with other channel partners. Apart from this, they were facing the warehouse routing and fulfillment challenges. Orderhive provided smart order routing rules to distribute between the United States, Canada, and China warehouse. This way, the difficulty they were facing with incorrect routing was aptly resolved. To sum it up, Orderhive provided the following solutions:



“Integration and Real-time inventory management has acted as a game changer for us. It really helped us focus on business activities more often as the rest was taken care by the system. It increased our work efficiency and without second thoughts, there was a substantial change in the working procedures of observing and tracking inventory.” say Rohit, Manager at AN & Associates


Overall Impact of Orderhive Solutions

Orderhive stepped in when AN & Associates really needed some support with their growing and expanding business. They not only invested time to understand and comprehend the problem, but, they also, worked patiently to provide a suitable solution. In other words, Orderhive did not rush into providing solutions. This way, they could bring a customized answer to their problems and also, a befitting solution. The best outcome or the heart-winning solution to the presented solutions is considered the integration feature. Now, AN & Associates are able to manage 150 channel integrations at one one place and seamlessly manage their inventory. Also, with the smart order routing feature, Orderhive has provided automated order routing rules to auto route the orders to correct warehouse location – US, Canada, and China. This way, Orderhive focused precisely on the core problems and together, Orderhive and AN & Associates worked towards resolving the obstacles.