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What Carv achieved with Orderhive?

Company’s Background

Founded on September 24, 2013 by founders Jamie Grant and Pruthvikar Reddy, Carv is the first wearable dedicated to skiing. They managed to raise a total of $2 Million funding from angel investors for their project. CARV wearables consist of two boot inserts and 2 boot trackers. These wearable devices help you track your skiing experience and have your very own digital ski coach. The motion sensors can be paired and synced with your android or ios devices to give you valuable insights into your skiing sessions. Other than that, CARV lets you learn new skills by conducting personalized drills or offer you fun challenges through the app to better enhance your experience. 


The problem faced by CARV

CARV fulfills its orders with the help of 3PL companies. They relied on 3PL companies for order fulfillment.  

When CARV rose to success and began handling a couple of hundreds of orders on a daily basis, things got nasty. They had to manually submit all the order details to the 3PL companies. This is obviously not the best way to deal with orders and can be really cumbersome. 


How Orderhive Helped

Orderhive omitted the need of manual intervention for handling orders to the 3PL companies by generating smart routing tables for CARV. What it means is that Orderhive provided a bridge between CARV and its 3PL partners. This allowed CARV to move their manpower to more business focussed roles as Orderhive could easily take care of order handling to 3PL companies using order routing automation. Apart from order handling, Orderhive also helped CARV in their returns management. As soon as the customer files for a return, no doubt the 3PL company will be at the forefront of handling the issue, but in the background, Carv will know about it too beforehand. 


Impact on Business

Orderhive smartly tackled the problems faced by Carv. After using Orderhive, Carv prospered financially and scaled their business by adding new warehouse spaces and started adding multiple channels as they no longer had a fear of maintaining the orders. 


“We were growing in our business and wanted a solution that would help us scale our business. Orderhive provided a truly unique solution that dealt with all our order fulfillment problems. Pioneers in ecommerce automation, they helped us ease our mundane workloads with an affordable yet state of the art automation solution.” 

Rollo Hoare, CTO, Carv by Motion Metrics