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What HealthifyMe achieved by using Orderhive


HealthifyMe is created by a young entrepreneur, Tushar Vashisht, with an idea to provide health and wellness to people through the digital media.

Talking about his brand, Tushar said,

“We are rapidly expanding our team while delivering growth of health and wellness space. Our mobile app is delivering empirical results to over 1.50,000 users. Our motive was to simplify healthy life regimes. Being healthy shouldn’t be just a routine, but rather a way of life that drives excitement in everyday activities.”

Cloud Based Software that powered the daily routine of fitness enthusiasts

HealthifyMe is a cloud-based solution that uses the combination of a smartphone application, hardware (wearable devices) & human assistance (which includes nutritionists, trainers and yoga instructors) to help people reach their fitness goals.


With a team of over 40 experts, Healthifyme was rapidly expanding its team while delivering a holistic weight loss experience to its users. The app was featured on Apple App Store in mid-2015 and won the best app award by Google at Think Mobile in late 2014.


The healthifyMe platform has a unique Indian calorie tracker feature, which allows the users to track their food, exercise, and weight. HealthifyMe has partnered with healthcare providers such as Medanta, Apollo, and Manipal, to employ its app-based services in treating and preventing clinical obesity, diabetes, and other lifestyle diseases.

Challenges with their traditional methodology of handling daily business operations

Right after their business came into existence, they began using the traditional method of managing back-end tasks. The team maintained all the order information and records of any sales updates in an excel sheet. However, as their business began to perk up, they wanted to expand their operations in different locations. During this time the team realized that their plan for international expansion and eventually managing the app development center in India would be difficult to execute if they continued with their outdated system of handling orders & daily operations.

“The most labour-intensive process was to ensure timely delivery of orders and coordinating with the shipping provider for the delivery of weight-control wearable devices. A lot of time was wasted in aligning our sales & delivery activities which were hampering the communication with our end customers.”

“We needed a modern cloud-based system that can monitor and control our daily processes and operations.”

As HealthifyMe was already an IT based company, their proficiency in accessing an online solution helped them take an informed decision about the kind of software they needed to automate their business processes and increase the fulfillment ratio.

Solution Delivered

Aligning the business flow

“Orderhive was our clear choice, as it was already packed with the required back-end management features, and it easily got integrated with our online store and started regulating our daily business processes from the day we started using it. Our website is custom-built, still, Orderhive team found out a way and successfully connected our store using their API to sync information automatically.

Within just a few weeks of using Orderhive, we have seen a drastic increase in our fulfillment ratio. Operations quickly become more streamlined and we can now track orders throughout the fulfillment process.”

Leveraging on intelligence reports

The employees at HealthifyMe operates their business with ease as Orderhive offers a self-explanatory UI. They save a lot of time on processing orders and are able to manage their customers more efficiently. HealthifyMe uses intelligence reports regularly and quickly access the data they need to improve performance.

They are able to quickly check:

Reduction in logistic costs

“With Orderhive we can get a shipping estimation in just a few clicks, as it easily integrates with prominent shipping providers such as Blue dart, UPS, FedEx. When we create an order in the Orderhive system, the system generates a shipping estimation, allowing us to choose the one that works best for us and attach invoices for the same.”

The Result

The biggest benefit of using Orderhive is, that we now save 4 hours a day that which we used to spend just working on inventory & orders spreadsheets. We only spend few minutes to take a detailed view of our daily business transactions. Anyone from our team can quickly access the no. of pending orders and orders that are yet to be delivered, enabling them to take appropriate actions.