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What HUBBED achieved by using Orderhive?

Company background

In the era of privacy concerns, customers tend to not share their home address online and prefer to collect their ordered products from their locality instead. HUBBED plays a crucial role in respecting the customer’s privacy needs. Established in 2014, Hubbed is a collection of pickup points and parcel management solutions for the ecommerce and logistics industry. This enables the existing ecommerce business or logistics partners to reach out to more customers with the help of HUBBED. An australian based company, HUBBED serves both domestically and internationally.  


Problem faced by HUBBED

Although having a rich back-end service to provide pickup point management for existing logistics businesses, Hubbed itself lacked a front-end interface where people could use its service and orders could be executed. Lack of its front-end interface could not be used to question Hubbed technical capabilities, but more of the development cost and time associated for developing such a thing. If Hubbed were to develop such a thing in house, it would consume more time and then only the rich back-end service that HUBBED has created could be utilized properly. This is where Orderhive comes to the rescue.  


How Orderhive solved the HUBBED problem

All Hubbed needed was a software frontend that would have helped customers to access their service more intuitively. Orderhive already excels in this department by providing a rich front-end, interactive, and full fledged inventory management system. HUBBED partners with Orderhive and it comes as one of the integrations of Orderhive. The customers can now readily access solutions offered by Hubbed through Orderhive’s SaaS model. After the order is received from a marketplace, it is as easy as sending the necessary details to the HUBBED back end service and then HUBBED assigns the necessary PUDO(Pickup – DropOff) location accordingly.


IMPACT on Business

After the partnership, Hubbed saw a huge increase in their sales. All those customers who were earlier unreachable due to their front end problems, were now within its reach. Customers who can now see their order getting executed could then use HUBBED service for their shipping needs. The partnership helped both Hubbed and Orderhive likewise as they both extended their existing customer base for growing mutually in this competitive market.


“To find the right solution at the right time is crucial in any business. Orderhive’s order management solution was exactly what we were looking for our customers. We immediately sealed partnership with them and it has paid well off since then. Looking forward to a long-term business partnership with Orderhive.”

                                                                –Ranga Kaluarachchi (Technical Head, HUBBED)