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What IMA Achieved by Using Orderhive?


“Orderhive completes us; we are an organization with several different military antiques, and each antique needs to be managed separately because of the uniqueness. Having orderhive’s automation by our side solved many order processing and inventory management issues for us. We could also fight fraud orders with the help of orderhive.”

                                                                                                      -Alex Cranmer – CEO, IMA


Alex Cranmer is also the antique arms and military expert on National Geographic’s show on the History Channel’s “Pawn Stars” filming more than 50 episodes over the past five seasons.


About International Military Antiques

Seeds of IMA –

It all started in 1965 when at the age of 19 years Christian Cranmer started the Fire Power International south of London that sowed the seeds of IMA. Christian then went on a quest to find the lost and forgotten weapons of the great wars and the world’s militaries.

The Birth of IMA – 

International Military Antiques sell the antique arms of the militaries of all around the world. 

In 1981, with his inherited collection of 300 military antiques from his father, he started the business when he was 24 years old in his native place, London. He began investigating and found the big stashes of old military munitions, and then he used to sell those weapons to the collectors around Europe.

Venturing in eCommerce –

In 2004 when the Christian cranmer’s son Alex Cranmer joined his dad in the business, he proposed to create a website and enter the ecommerce industry. After which IMA grew to become the world leader of the military collectible and antique gun industry.

The Hollywood Connection – 

IMA is famous in Hollywood for the supply of antique arms for period films. They supplied military antiques for movies like Dunkirk, Fury, Band Of Brothers Saving Private Ryan, etc..


Problems and Challenges They Faced due to Their Growing Business.


Solutions Provided By Orderhive


Final Outcome of Orderhive Implementation

“We’ve been live on Orderhive for 2 weeks and overall I am really impressed. The API for the marketplaces is second to none. The Back End processes work wonderfully. You’ve allowed a system where the user can customize and control their platform. Your support team is always communicative and eager to help, you offer customization and deliver. The positives go on and on. Bravo!  You’ve designed an excellent system that I believe can power a multitude of businesses sizes and models.”

– Alex Cranmer, CEO IMA


International Military Antiques, as they say, has achieved a fantastic control over their order and inventory management with the help of automation provided by the orderhive.


Frauds decreased, which in turn increased their profits, along with allowing them to focus on real orders.


Order processing has become smooth because managing paid, unpaid, and partially paid orders from different channels with the help of integrated order management software.


Increased perfect order percentage has reduced returns and helped them to meet order deadlines, thus decreasing the SLA breach rate.


Inventory management has become more proficient, thus leading to a better understanding of the status of each antique military item.

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