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What Nomatic achieved by using Orderhive?

Company’s Background: 


Nomatic is the big name for all your usual travel accessories needs. They master in selling designer bags, camera pouches, exclusive luggage suitcases, and many more. Nomatic was started by two cousins Jon Richards and Jacob Durham. They started off by designing an innovative wallet and launched it on Kickstarter. Their design got backed up by people, and they got whooping over 6000 orders. Nomatic has continued to innovate since then and never looked back.   


Problem Faced by Nomatic

Competition in every market segment is fierce; and nowadays, what every firm fears is being the victim of manual processes. Manual business processes got Nomatic into its clutches.  Everything was running smoothly when Nomatic’s business got a massive boost from Kickstarter, and they started getting enormous amounts of orders from all over the world. They didn’t have enough time to streamline their business processes. This made them the slave of manual processes.


The company was fulfilling orders from multiple mediums.  It has 3-4 warehouses and worked with multiple 3pl logistics to take care of its shipping problems. For example, if Nomatic gets an order from Canada, the company has to route the orders to the appropriate Canadian 3PL. If the order is from the east coast, the company utilizes specific different 3pl for such orders and routes the orders. 


How Orderhive helped

Orderhive omitted the need for manual intervention for manually routing by providing smart order routing rules. This helps Nomatic orders to know which 3pl to approach for order fulfillment automatically. 


Orderhive filtered which orders Nomatic has to fulfill and which needs to be fulfilled by specific 3pl logistics. Then Orderhive provided a bridge and integration between Orderhive and Nomatic’s 3pl logistics. 


Firstly, the order filtration is done with the help of the primary data of the orders. Such as, the order quantity, which city it needs to be delivered, order size etc. and based on that data Orderhive automatically tells Nomatic which orders needs to be fulfilled by which logistics based on filtering order quantity, order price, location, etc. 


Impact on Business

In simple terms, Orderhive solved the challenge for Nomatic which they thought could not be possible to get rid of. Creating automated order routing tables for order fulfillment safeguarded Nomatic from the clutches of manual processes and they could once again focus on their core business processes, which eventually helped them grow big. As of today, Nomatic is one of the big names in the U.S. when it comes to the consumer travel accessories market.


Before using Orderhive, our every working day was a nightmare that we certainly don’t want to revisit again. Orderhive introduced us to an affordable solution of order fulfillment automation that eased our workloads. The best thing about Orderhive is their ability to handle thousands of our per day orders without burning a hole in our pocket.  


                                                                                                                           -Emmerson Hammer

  Operations Manager, Nomatic