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What OzHealth Pharma achieved by using Orderhive?

About the Company

OzHealth Pharma is an Australia-based Pharmaceutical Company that is both owned and run by pharmacists. OzHealth also manufactures its products in Australia itself. They own Migraine-eze, Hydra Heel, and Rifold. The much-acclaimed weight loss cookie brand Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet is also owned by the group. Over the years, they have helped millions of people realize their dream of a healthy and positive lifestyle with the help of their quality products.


“In our initial days, selling pharmaceutical products online wasn’t a new thing. We had to tackle market competition, which was a tough thing to do despite offering better quality. Soon, running an online store became far more challenging than the business itself, and we were out looking for something that could just take care of it.”

– George Iskander, OzHealth.



OzHealth went through gigantic market research, which spanned over large ERP corporations to small companies. Finding the right inventory and order management system was tough due to the design and structural complexity. They came across Orderhive, and after an apple to apple comparison, they settled down for Orderhive.


Orderhive was working with a lot of international clients and we were satisfied with their technical expertise. We needed customization of specific modules to suit our business model, and it went really well. We have added storage capacity and also optimized our inventory holdings by leaps and bounds. This has helped especially in keeping the costs under control, and our customers are directly benefited by it. We are in the medical fraternity, so it’s really necessary to maintain quality medicines affordable. – George Iskander, OzHealth.


The Solution

OzHealth contacted Orderhive in 2018, and the total span of implementation was around one month. The following are the major areas where they made the most significant moves ever since the application:


Shipping and Fulfillment

Orderhive helped OzHealth streamline their process specifically for the fulfillment, where the software will auto-apply shipping presets to contain the suitable options. 


Inventory Management

OzHealth lowered their inventory levels and improved their turnover rate drastically. They are also able to handle large order volumes without pressurizing their warehouse capacity or their supply chain. 


Mobile App

The mobile app has helped in easing the operations by synchronizing order, warehouse, and inventory management. Using an app is comparatively new for the industry, but it has helped them become more agile.


The Result

Be it OzHealth medical products or Dr. Siegal’s Diet Cookies, meeting the demands of a vast country like Australia is not an easy feat. Orderhive has helped them manage their operations and currently boosts their expansion drive. OzHealth is looking forward to adding more products and further growing their footprints on the international market.