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What QUIRKSMITH Achieved By Using Orderhive?


“We were doing well but struggling to scale up because it was challenging to manage multiple tools for order processing and fulfillment, customer services, and inventory management. Orderhive has provided us with the one-stop solution to most order fulfillment problems, especially with pre-order management. With the help of orderhive, we are now able to set the customers’ expectations about the delivery date, shipping date, etc. of the products. Also, with the help of their on-demand automation and highly efficient order and inventory management softwares, I think we are sorted as far as the entire order fulfillment and customer service processes are concerned. We are scaling up!!! “


– Pragya Batra, Co-founder, Quirksmith


About Quirksmith

Quirksmith, an Indian ecommerce company that sells exotic and unique silver jewelry, came into existence in November 2016. Founded by Divya, a NIFT ’04 grad with a specialization in jewelry designing and Pragya, an IIT Delhi grad (’07) and an INSEAD graduate (’12), Quirksmith is the fastest growing online jewelry brand that boasts of offering ornaments that don’t decorate women but stay with them as a part of their body and soul, thus captivating the nostalgia of the past and the aspirations of the future.


Since it’s launch, Quirksmith has quietly made its place in most of the women’s “where to shop from list”.


Problems and Challenges They Faced due to Their Growing Business.


Solutions Provided By Orderhive


Final Outcome of Orderhive Implementation

Quirksmith did achieve an all-round development as far as the operations, and consumer management is concerned. Order fulfillment is now a much simpler task as everything is operated through a centralized portal, thus making the data sharing and reporting an easier task.


They are scaling up without the fear of being unable to manage the increased order volume. 

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