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What SS Universal achieved by using Orderhive

About SS Universal Enterprises

Nick Scully, the founder of SS Universal Enterprises is a car fanatic, he loves to modify and customize his car.

Talking about his passion, Nick said,

“No car is perfect. Most of the cars are designed to be marketable to a large number of people, so they are never tailored according to your specific need. However, you can always take things on your hands by learning a little more about the various parts of the car, its internal processes, and engineering. I progressively gathered good knowledge about the car spare parts and started customizing my car to get the desired speed, efficiency, and design.“

While modifying his own car, Nick confronted the problem of spare part availability. Frustrated with the lack of quality car spare parts availability in his region, Nick derived the idea of starting his own spare part business, which led to the establishment of SS Universal Enterprises.

Since then, Nike Scully helps his customers to get the perfect spare parts for their cars irrespective of the brand they belong to. The company is based in the Philippines, they have been growing their fulcrum of automotive spare parts business by solving the problem of spare parts availability across the region.

“Our strong relations with leading manufacturers and suppliers of automotive spare parts helps us to provide an extensive range of products which includes performance auto parts, suspension, exhaust systems, intake systems, aero kits, headers & brakes.

We directly source the spare parts from the supplier for the best competitive advantage.”

Getting more eyeballs for our products – Selling the products on Marketplaces

“Our customers are mainly car owners and repairmen. We wanted to provide the benefit of speed and convenience by offering our spare parts via online channels. Our purpose was not just to offer our product in our local region but also to offer it to an existing network of global buyers. That’s why we chose the marketplace infrastructure.


We managed to boost our sales within just a few months of listing our products on Amazon and eBay. The marketplace infrastructure offered us a simplified setup and implementation process, helping us to go live in no time”


A withhold in our supply management system

“We boosted our sales quite well, however, the challenge was to meet the soaring demand. Our extensive range of the car spare parts was certainly attracting the buyers but processing the order, tracking inventory, receiving orders from the supplier, and managing fulfillment were issues which were still needed to be addressed.”

Deep within the back office of SS Universal, Nick was still facing issues of operational inefficiency.

“We were aware in order to achieve supply chain excellence, we need to incorporate “best practices” that can improve our operating margins, inventory levels, and order fulfillment ratio. Our supply chain management was composed of several functions which we had to handle manually.”

Purchase to shipping – Manual operations

We were in need of a centralized system that can automate & align the above functions.

Solution Delivered

“Processing order, tracking inventory and managing customers became seamless with Orderhive. It easily got integrated with our selling channels (Amazon and eBay) and third party applications. As our business grew, the solution scaled up and enhanced our capability to handle increasing demand.”

Real time package/shipment tracking

Once the package or shipment leaves the warehouse, it can be comprehensively tracked till it reaches the end destination.

Real-time delivery personal tracking and managing

“With Orderhive we can track the movement of the orders from our warehouse to the end customers destination, as a result, the on-time arrival of the order became more accurate. Orderhive also considers other parameters such as package size and location to calculate the shipping rates which help us to select the right shipping provider.”

Real-time information shared with our customer

Our customers get real-time info about the status of the orders. Once the status is updated by shipping provider, we receive the info in real-time

“Orderhive offered us a complete set of inventory management, purchasing and fulfillment capabilities that help us to make the right purchase decision. Due to Orderhive, we optimized on our inventory level.

The real-time reports generated by Orderhive allows us to view our key supplier, efficient shipping providers, top customers and best-selling products. The platform also encourages collaboration with our supplier and shipping providers throughout the supply chain process, due to which we have a better hold over inventory level, costs and fulfillment process.”


After Orderhive centralized SS Universal’s supply chain process, they have reduced their logistic cost by 50% and gained 100% fulfillment accuracy.

The Orderhive system has become a critical component of our e-commerce success. I can’t say enough about the system and customer service – we are beyond pleased with the easy setup, ease of use, amazing features, and customer service..these guys will EARN your business, they go above and beyond to make sure you’re totally satisfied. It’s very rare to have a product or service that underpromises and over-delivers…don’t waste your time and money with other solutions like we did, do it right the first time and hire Orderhive!