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What TrendySlips achieved by using Orderhive?

About Trendyslips I/S

Started small as a lifestyle brand, Trendyslips I/S offers real-good collection of bowties and neckties, matching to fit any occasions. Whether you are looking for a sober tie to match your work-attire, or, funky bowties to enhance your evening party wears- Trendyslips has it all!

Trendyslips also deals with other lifestyle products that include apparel, fashion products, and accessories too.

Their sales evolved as they added multiple stores developed on Shopify, however, the company was lacking features to manage stock for all their stores.



Trendyslips products quickly started gaining increased popularity and is constantly attracting more and more customers for their business.

Before Orderhive, the company used manual method of tracking stock requirements for all their stores. And, like most retailers, this was near to impossible to manage by relying on those time-taking inventory re-counts.

Key Challenges


As and when Trendyslips started receiving bulk of orders over their multiple channels, the staff would end up spending hours in tracking products to fulfill customer’s orders and update stock when orders are shipped.

This not only consumed their time and effort, but also, increased room for errors that automatically hampered growth.

Realizing the pain behind managing inventory when selling across multiple platforms manually, the company began to use Orderhive to turn things around. They are now able to automate their inventory-update process.


Orderhive has helped the team at Trendyslips to make the best optimization of their inventory by offering a centralized system for their multiple stores on Shopify.

Not being able to maintain accurate stock counts, the team had difficulties in tracking sales and generating performance report. With Orderhive’s multi-channel inventory management system, Trendyslips is enjoying a single access of all their products in real-time.

This way, Trendyslips is able to generate insightful analytics that makes it easy to track key performance indicators(KP’s) that include best performing store, slow performing one, top products, and much more.

With such valuable insights, it becomes easy for the team at Trendyslips to make informed decisions and grab every opportunity that comes in.

Things Trendyslips love about Orderhive:

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