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What Wholesome Goods achieved by using Orderhive?


Wholesome Goods is a group of brands engaged in providing affordable, eco-friendly health nourishing products. They are always pouring in efforts to diversify their portfolio and enter new markets. Providing high-quality products at affordable prices is both their vision and the ultimate challenge, as cost-cutting can only be done in the supply chain. They are still in their young phase and expanding rapidly.


Their Brands


100% pure and organic Argan Oil 



great-tasting, all-natural supplement treats for your little buddies

Founded In 2017

Cosy House

Comfortable home essentials that don’t cost you an arm or a leg

Founded In 2015


Aloe Infusion

10+ skin-protecting superfoods in their clinically-backed line of products

Founded In 2011



Fitwear is a high-performance gear

Founded In 2012


Wholesome Organics And Valhalla Coming Soon!



Wholesome goods are on an expansion spree since its inception, and bringing new brands comes with its problems. While all of them are focused on better health and enriching lifestyles, it is noteworthy that their client base is highly diversified. Meeting the expectations of people aspiring for different products across the globe resulted in an existential challenge for the team: Coping up with inventory levels, delivery commitments, and maintaining affordable pricing. None of them could be compromised, and thus, Wholesome goods began searching for a reliable solution to resurrect the productivity levels and face these challenges.

Wholesome Goods Challenges

“Honestly speaking, the sales had skyrocketed since the very beginning, and we were having a hard time catering to all orders. We were focused on diversifying our product portfolio, but keeping up with operations was taking a toll on our productivity. New brands and geographies started to overburden our team, and it was directly reflected in our bottom line. So, we felt that some help was needed to continue with our vision and started using a big budget solution.”

Alma Wiseman, COO.

Initially, they were using a costly system, but soon, they felt the need for a value-driven solution. They also had some customization needs, which formed the final software requirements scheme document. During the market survey, Wholesome Goods came across many solution providers. After going through the benefits and pricing of all the options available in the market, they chose to move forward with Orderhive.


Solutions Provided By Orderhive

Solutions Provided By Orderhive

“Orderhive had a promising client base, and we were in no mood to compromise on our partner ecosystem. After implementation, we managed orders across multiple brands, platforms, geographies, and logistics partners. We were able to route orders between FBA and self-fulfillment to the right warehouses while reducing inventory to optimal levels. All our brands are managed on the Orderhive platform, and we are expanding at a much higher pace.”

Charlie Ordonez, CFO.

The implementation was started around June, 2018 and was completed over  a span of 4 weeks. As a part of the comprehensive solution provided by Orderhive, the following are the three biggest highlights: 

# Mobile App For Warehouse Management

The biggest outcome of the entire implementation process was the dedicated app for warehouse management and the self-fulfillment of orders. It is helping Wholesome Goods to manage each and every aspect of operations from picking and packing to managing the warehouse space allocation.

# Order Routing Automation

They are now able to display delivery dates based on the shipping option and delivery location on a real-time basis. Order routing to the nearest warehouses is another feather in the cap. As per the initial requirement, Orderhive automation is facilitating routing orders between self-fulfillment and Amazon FBA.

# Shipping And Inventory Management

Wholesome Goods is also getting insights on choosing the right shipment partner for each delivery based on availability and pricing. The inventory management software is helping them maintain optimal inventory levels and streamline the flow of goods across all channels. Right from barcoding to handling a large number of SKUs, automation played an important role in sustaining profitability.

Shipping And Inventory Management

“The journey with Orderhive has been a turning point for us, and especially the mobile app is working wonders for us. Managing multiple brands, fulfillment options, 25+ channels, and 100,000+ square feet of warehouse space through Orderhive has boosted our business. Today, we can focus on our commitment to delivering the best quality products to our clients without worrying about any bottlenecks. We are also coming up with new brands in the near future and continuing with our efforts to enhance customer satisfaction.”

Lawrence Yates, CMO.


The Road Ahead

The future plans at Wholesome Goods include rolling out new brands and enriching their presence throughout the geographies. They are exploring new markets and willing to serve their clients with more high-quality lifestyle and health products.