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What Wicore Achieved by using Orderhive?


“When companies work together, success is not far away”

If you would have asked me a few years ago, how important collaboration is, I would have given you a weaky answer. But, today, while going through our successes, I am ready to talk about our success stories with pride and honesty. Because, when two people work together, when technology and knowledge is combined, everyone prospers.


Who are we Introducing?

Wicore, a 3PL Logistics company, doing extremely well in providing fulfillment services to sellers in Mexico. They provide logistics services to small and large companies, doing extremely well in Mexico and South America. Apart from that, they also specialize in warehouse storage services. Wicore has an experience of more than 20 years providing perfect operational solutions with enhancing value for their customers. 


“ We give you peace of mind so that you can focus on growing your company. We take the operation from end to end. No matter the complexity of your client, we ensure their complete satisfaction. Operational excellence is the key, that’s why WiCore is the best ally to outsource your operation ” says Wicore


Persistent Challenges faced by Wicore

Wicore kept growing and their operations kept increasing with every new client. But with the increased work, they needed something to manage their processes, set up their business activities. Hence, they came up with the solution of adopting a system that can help with their operations. It is said, ‘One problem leads to another and another, and so on’. Well, Wicore might have started with only managing their business, but one thing led to another, and slowly, they faced problems with efficiently managing orders and organizing client inventories. Also, they faced problems with customers interactions, meaning, they wanted better and clear customer communications. Their shipping was getting affected due to continuous client enhancement, so they wanted to work on their shipping activities as well. All in all, they had problems with their systems, thus, they eagerly wanted to automate their business activities.


“We are growing at an exponential rate. We do encounter problems along the way, but, that is how we know we are growing. One of the major challenges we have faced is setting up processes under a centralized system. We wanted eyes on every business operation, so we desperately needed a system that can automate processes to track our orders, customers, and channel partners.”

CEO of Wicore, Josu Gortubay.


Innovative and Custom Solutions

When problems arise, there are times when the ordinary approaches don’t do much good. Every business problem is unique in its own way, so standard practices are not always sufficient for bringing organizational operations back on track. You need something different, something a little extra efficient for coming on the top. This is where innovative and unique ideas or solutions come into play.


“We were searching for someone to understand our problems and give us customized solutions. Every business has unique shortcomings and we did not want the basic or standard solutions. We needed something out of the box or custom-based as we knew our difficulties were unique. Orderhive offered us just the solution we had been looking for since long. We worked together and found answers to all our challenges one after the other.”

-Josu Gortubay, CEO of Wicore


Orderhive has been associated with Wicore closing to a year. Ever since the beginning, our team has silently been the backbone of their operations. They have patiently listened to all the problems being faced by the company and drafted a customized unique solution based for Wicore based on their understanding. On understanding the problems, Orderhive suggested Multi Channel Integration, through this, Wicore can access multiple channels from a single platform. Thus, making accessibility easier and saving time. Moreover, Wicore had problems related to managing their orders, thus, Orderhive came up with an order-related solution. They introduced a Custom Import option to import all the orders in Orderhive. This way, with orders imported to Orderhive, Wicore can easily view and manage all the orders under the same roof. Along with this, Wicore could manage their inventories and easily tend to their warehouse management needs. Furthermore, a centralized tool to view and process orders was added to ease and provide a quick process for Wicore’s operations. Overall, Wicore needed their operations to be managed smoothly, thus, we suggested integration with all the carrier providers and introduced automate fulfillment processes. 


“Automation has changed the way we did operations. Now, we are technically sound with managing orders and have a better tracking system. Orderhive has delivered features that helped integrate our channel partners and overall strong automation fulfillment processes. We have, without a doubt, seen subsequent changes in our working environment since the time we adopted Orderhive systems.” 

Josu Gortubay, CEO of Wicore


Positive Outcome of Orderhive Solutions

Orderhive went deep down to the core of the problem and started solutions from the base. Through the solutions, Wicore now had a centralized tool to manage their orders, inventories, customers data, and fulfillment process. Also, with their process acting daster and centralized, they can now receive real-time updates on the orders from their customers and sellers. Engaging all their staff on laborious jobs was time consuming, thus, with our software, Wicore could eradicate manual work, thus saving time on creating spreadsheets or generating reports. This was also possible, because of the integration options, where Wicore could connect to multiple channels and also receive real-time updates on these channels. All-in-all, Orderhive worked together with Wicore in establishing enhanced customer experience and thus, Wicore stands tall and more focused towards expansions with reduced human error and more time.