Digital Customer Experience strategy, are you getting it right?

Customer experience is proving to be the most influential factor above price and product offerings.

With the advancement of technology and the pace of innovation continues to accelerate, online shoppers are armed with modern digital ways that could save them time and effort, both.

Why important for online sellers?

For business owners who simply think of using tools for marketing, sales and customer interactions; may overlook the importance of digital customer experience.

Digital tools are surely helping online store owners with multiple opportunities to enhance customer’s journey, however, many promotional tools available in the market may not account as per your customer’s demands, and in worst scenarios increase complexity in managing promotional activities of your eCommerce business.

This is where Digital Customer Experience comes into the picture!

What is Digital Customer Experience?

The connection between online brands and customers evolved from desktop to smartphones and now even via wearable devices too.

Today, online shoppers who are already using technology in their daily lives will prefer brands who give what, when and where they want- shopping experience.

As a business owners run multiple layouts for their eCommerce store; however, not keeping a track on the ever-changing customer’s perspectives can lose time, cost and patience too.

Digital Customer experience enhancement areas that you can consider for your online selling business:

A- The way you allow customers reach you

Online shoppers have multiple alternatives to look-up for information and make purchase decisions on-the-go.

You may have your brand presence across multiple selling platforms offering valuable information, but, with the advancement of technology, it is important for you to analyze ever-changing digital preferences by your target audience.

Keep a watch on:

– Store engagement level

Sellers try their best to offer the most engaging content in order to keep online shoppers cling to their site for long.

However, tracking your customer’s website behavior will make it clear which of your site elements are helping you grow.

For example: Analyzing your customer’s action across your multiple websites, will make it easy for you to boost website engagement allowing you to focus more on those elements that have a demand, while replacing strategies for the ones that are not working.

– Customers coming from which channels

With multiple touch-points available in the market, online shoppers would not like to leave any opportunity that allows them to access products and making purchases in the most convenient ways they can.

Taking an effort to understand your source of traffic, can help you optimize promotional strategies by concentrating on the ones that are doing well.

For instance: Apart from offering products in your online store, you may promote them across multiple social media platforms that include Facebook and Instagram. Understanding the demand for your products across all your channels you sell on, including your store, will ensure you make the best optimization from each.

B- The way you make information available to customers

Online shoppers, who may be acquainted with multiple touch-points in their routine, would expect to gain access to information or products from the devices they use.

Unable to allow product access and purchase related information for any of those popularly used devices, can lose you many opportunities.

Keep a watch on:

– Listing

Ensuring up-to-date product information will encourage customers to instantly make purchase decisions on-the-go.

Having a centralized inventory management software will allow you bring all your products at one place making it easy to identify performance and optimize listing details across all your channels.

For instance: Every marketplace will have it own rules for listing products, therefore ensuring identical product information across all your channels can be a challenge. A single access of your entire inventory will make it easy to understand which ones are selling the best on what channels, allowing you to confidently offer only those products that are in great demand.

Content resource

It becomes easy for online shoppers to make better purchase decisions if they allowed quick access to information they are looking for.

Whether it’s a blog page or an FAQ page, offering multiple themes and layout can surely make content look engaging, however, not being well-compatible to any of the customer’s touch-points will result to a poor shopping experience.

For instance: Considering smartphones to be the most commonly used device by online shoppers, you ensure your site is mobile-optimized. However, as content delivery over wireless becomes faster, scalable and secured, by tracking customer’s behavior can help you trigger changes on-the-go to encourage and enhance mobile shopping experience.

C- The way you allow customers make purchases

The lesser effort you allow your customers to put behind their purchase decisions, the more sales you can expect.

You may run multiple promotional tactics to improve sale opportunities for your eCommerce store; however, following the same strategy may not encourage online shoppers over time.

Keep a watch on:

– Call-to-action performance

This is the area which allows online shoppers an ability to gain valuable information, as well as, make purchases on-the-go.

Understanding your customer’s behavior towards your call-to-action buttons will make it easy to optimize and offer the ones to churn maximum sales for your eCommerce store.

For instance: Your call-to-action buttons may be helping you earn sales orders for your eCommerce business. However, by tracking the performance for each call-to-action buttons of your eCommerce sites will offer some good insights about your customer’s preferences, which in turn, can be optimized and implemented immediately.

– Email marketing campaigns

Being one of the oldest yet effective promotional and sales strategies, email marketing is still helping many eCommerce business owners to spread product and brand awareness.

Targeting customers with special deals and information content can influence them to  make purchases; however, tracking performance will help you make the best optimization out every email marketing campaign you run.

For instance: Offering the same content to all your customers, may not encourage everyone to take actions, however, adopting customer segmentation strategy will help you understand your customer’s ever-changing choices

Contact management software will make it easy to bring all your customer’s transactions details at one place, allowing you to confidently target content that would encourage them to take actions on-the-go.

D- The way you offer multi-channel capabilities

Today, online shoppers have multiple options to connect and shop with an from their favorite brands over the web.

Unable to reach any of their needs or their expectations, will automatically lose you sales opportunities that come your way.

Keep a watch on:

– Click-through-link source

Offering multiple purchase and delivery options are surely helping eCommerce business owners gain an ability to increase visibility for their products.

However, keeping a track of your customer’s ever-changing shopping preferences can help adapt the focus in the correct areas and grow quickly.

For instance: You may be offering your customers multi-channel capabilities, however, keeping a track on each strategy can help you get more innovative with the ones that are in great demand.

– Consistency of information across channels

Selling across multiple platforms, online shoppers will always shop from their favorite ones. If product information conflicts in any of your selling platforms can create a bad impression.

Tracking content accuracy across your multiple sales channels will ensure your customers have the same product information available across the web.

For instance: Your customer who comes across your promotional content while using the favorite social media sites. Attracted with your information or offer, the customer clicks on your product page link. Unable to find the same information will immediately discontinue their action.

Wrapping up

There are many ways to measure digital customer experience, the with above four- eCommerce business owners can perform well with the most important digital areas used by online shoppers.

And, of course measuring e-Commerce store performance using Google Analytics is imperative!

Savio Fernandes

Savio Fernandes

Savio Fernandes is a writer who influences. Writing for over three years at Orderhive, he is currently focused in offering eCommerce and retail solutions for start-ups and medium business owners.

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