12 popular digital marketing techniques for B2B and B2C e-commerce

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Digital marketing for ecommerce businesses is extremely effective to catch attention and convert prospects to customers. It is because an optimum digital marketing mix touches and leverages all the four stages of buyer’s Journey.

With a combination of various tools and strategies, you can attract prospective customers, educate them, convert them and even make them promote your e-commerce business in their respective social circles.

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While we have already highlighted digital marketing mix for online businesses before, this post will talk about the effectiveness of various digital marketing tools and strategies with respect to B2B and B2C e-commerce businesses.

In the table given below, MQL refers to Marketing Qualified Leads while SQL refers to Sales Qualified leads.

Common methods of digital marketing for eCommerce businesses-


Strategy B2B Effectiveness B2C Effectiveness
1 Email Marketing Works great for lead generation and lead qualification.   High Works effectively for branding, product activation etc. Moderate
2 Search Marketing/Organic Search Works equally great for B2B and B2C. Lead capture and qualification for B2B. High Brand name development and sales. Often combined with adroll campaigns. Moderate to High
3 Content Marketing To capture leads for MQL and SQL. Optimized web pages, blogs, infographics etc. tops the list. High Mostly branding. May be used to drive sales through occasional offers. Distribution is largely through social media. Moderate
4 Facebook Marketing Provides presence on Facebook. Catches attention. Low Effective product demonstration, value proposition, lead capture and sales.Content types can be images, polls, events etc. High
5 Twitter Marketing Provides presence on Twitter. Catches attention to an extent. Low Customer engagement. Branding and lead capture. High
6 Linkedin Marketing Attracts Qualified leads and conversions. Content types can be Linkedin posts, blogs, and other updates. High Can be used to demonstrate the company culture and related content Low
7 Quora Marketing Attract MQLs. Can be nurtured to SQLs. Moderate to high Can be used for effective branding with stories around brands. Moderate to high
8 Youtube Marketing Attract high-value MQLs through product demos and Tutorials. High Can be employed for branding through visual storytelling. High
9 PPC, Adsense Marketing Lead generation and sales if done properly Low to Moderate Branding, Remarketing, and Customer Retention Moderate to High
10 Webinar Marketing Lead generation and capture MQL leads. High Does not bring results Low
11 Affiliate Marketing Works in the B2B context to an extent. Must be supported with detailed content. Low to Medium Works great for B2C consumer High
12 Influencer Marketing Industry experts, client testimonials and being referred by other brands are major ways. Creates brand name. Measurability may be an issue with respect to MQLs Medium to High Famous people from film, sport or social media promote brands. Drives traffic and sales. High

What do you think are the other major methods of digital marketing for ecommerce business? What has been your experience? Please share in the comment section below.

Arup Dey

Arup Dey

Arup works as Content Marketing Manager for Orderhive. Apart from running Orderhive's digital strategy, Arup likes to write deep and incisive articles on topics across a wide spectrum.


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