How Dropshipping Can Help Small Retailers To Take On The Big Players?

Maintaining stock and order fulfillment processes for startups and small business owners eats a lot of capital, and things go expenses add-on even more, if done manually.

The advent of cloud-based software solution has made retailer’s life so easy that it helps automate inventory management and order fulfillment processes, saving them a lot of time, effort, and money.

One such innovative cloud-based solution, dropship management also known as blind shipping, is proving to be very reasonable at retailer’s pockets. Such tools eliminate the hassle of stocking inventory and fulfilling orders, as retailers will only have to forward the shipment information to suppliers, who would then pack and ship orders to customers.

Dropshipping has already proved to be an ideal solution to stay competitive even with less administration costs in hand.  Want to know how?

5 key reasons why dropshipping is proving to be life-saver for small retailers

1- No need of worrying about initial investments

Eliminating the most expensive business overhead- retailers don’t have to worry about the cost behind purchasing and stocking products. Retailers can directly contact suppliers and provide them with the order details, who in turn, will process and deliver to end-customers. Having an ability to reduce investment in dealing with inventory and fulfillment tasks will help small retailers utilize most of the capital in retaining and diverting new customers for the business.

2- Offer a wide range of products without having to deal with them

If you want to deal with inventory on your own, you’ll need sufficient storage space to stock them. However, at some point of time, the storage space and maintenance costs will make you think twice before introducing new products. To avoid those risky-taking situations- adopting dropshipping eliminates the need of inventory costs, helping small retailers to freely expand their product line on websites and sales channels without giving a second thought.

3- Gain increased visibility in less time

As suppliers will be stocking inventory and processing orders on retailer’s behalf, store owners can easily start selling the moment the products is published on website and other channels. This way, dropshipping allows small retailers an ability to gain visibility in less time.

4- Test and offer successful product line

Small business owners often fear about experimenting with their product line, as such tactics directly hits the bottom line results. Dropshipping has brought an end to those expensive worries. Retailers can add new products to their listings and take actions, with nothing to waste.

5- Free time and use it for more important tasks

Avoiding the need of performing time-consuming activities like procuring, stocking, maintaining, and shipping products- Dropshipping is a real time-saver. This means small retailers will have more time to divert more sales for the business.

Wrapping up

Adopting dropshipping for your small business will help you earn the above benefits, however dealing with a number of suppliers individually can kill profits. Adopting a dropship management software, you’ll have an ability to consolidate multiple suppliers and coordinate with them under one roof.  Also,  you can select the dropshipper type, allowing  flexibility to manage your customer’s orders as per requirements.

Savio Fernandes

Savio Fernandes

Savio Fernandes is a writer who influences. Writing for over three years at Orderhive, he is currently focused in offering eCommerce and retail solutions for start-ups and medium business owners.

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