Benefits of E-commerce Automation Software

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Save 50% of time

Streamline recurring activities by simply letting the software doing them. Automation leads to faster processing of tasks and reduced turnaround timelines, saving you, and team huge efforts.

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Act in real-time

Run your tasks right on-time, be it sending the confirmation mail to customers or shipping orders or logging payments. Stay on top of your business without actually you being physically present.

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Optimize resources

Eliminate the need for manual handling of processes. Automation of repetitive yet indispensable tasks brings accuracy and consistency while minimizing errors and extensive paperwork.

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Eliminate risks

Identify high-risk orders from potentially fraudulent sources. Safeguard possible losses by simply halting risk orders through automated tagging and having them go through your hands-on review.

Orderhive Ecommerce Automation Software Features

Trigger Based

Trigger based automation

  • Inbuilt & custom triggers
  • Time-based triggers
  • Mandatory & optional conditions
  • Order & shipping automation
  • Automation filters
Presets Fulfillment

Preset fulfillment workflows

  • Dropshipping automation
  • Amazon MCF automation
  • Auto-fulfilment through select the warehouse
  • Buy shipping label (via preset)
  • Invoicing automation

Automated actions

  • Auto folderization
  • Auto split order
  • Auto emailing
  • Auto Shipping ( using Presets )
  • Auto PO creation
Auto Update

Auto-update order details

  • Add order note
  • Add order tags
  • Add order due dates
  • Log payments
  • Fraud order handling
Orderhive users report 2.5 times more efficiency in the order fulfillment process

Integrate everything that your business needs

Orderhive Ecommerce Automation Software Use-cases

Customer tagging:

Tag customers based on conditions like order value, sales channel, product selection, etc and align suitable fulfillment workflow automation.

Email customers:

Reach out select customers with a personalized ‘thank you’ email or SMS or a message with invoice, shipment details etc. using the e-commerce automation provided by orderhive

Prevent fraud:

Flag and notify internal order processing and warehouse teams regarding high-risk orders instantly with workflow Automations in orderhive.

Customer service:

Identify and tag high-value customers and notify customer service to send personalized welcome messages, follow-up emails or discount coupons with Orderhive’s eCommerce automation facility.

Picklist creation:

When an order is created from a certain store, Orderhive’s eCommerce Automation system automatically creates a picklist

Select fulfillment warehouse:

Fulfill orders from the cheapest or closest location based on predefined conditions with Orderhive’s ecommerce automation software

Send orders to Amazon MCF:

Select orders automatically based on customer, order value or sales channel preference and send them to Amazon for fulfilment

Insure shipment:

Insure shipment based on the combination of sales channel, customer or shipping provider

Select shipping carrier:

Identify the best shipping provider or dropshipper and automate shipping rules for each order

Add due dates:

Add due dates to orders or shipments for necessary follow-up