E-Commerce-Friendly Shipping Providers: How They Help?

Thanks to the evolution of technology, and, availability of online tools that are helping e-commerce sellers to grow easily.

More and more sellers are seen to be jumping into the online world, but, are they actually making use of the technology that helps them overcome key business challenges.

The logistic part (shipping and fulfilling orders to customers) has always been the major challenge, especially among start-ups. However, still many are living in the past, which means, they doing it in the old-fashion way.

Therefore, I’ve created a list of shipping providers and how they are actually helping sellers to grow their online venture, successfully.

1- DHL


DHL Small Business Solution program

Sellers often struggle to come up with a correct shipping strategy in place, which in turn, hampers growth.

DHL Small Business Solution program is specially designed to help sellers gain insights on winning shipping tips and tricks for the local, as well as, the international market.

Also, get to know international trade basics and understanding requirement for each country to avoid wastage of capital by assumptions.

Easy shipping tool

Ending up with high shipping rate and less profit-margin, is one of the most common concern among sellers.

DHL helps sellers with multiple tools that makes it is easy to “Get Rate and Time” Quote, View Fuel Surcharges, Ship Online and schedule for a courier pick-up, Check For prohibited items, and much more.

With this, sellers can enhance their shipping strategy and grow their business, smartly.

Business Across Borders

Expanding business across the globe is a good idea for small sellers to increase sales for their business, however, the cost and requirement for each places varies. Thus, stops them from exploring new market.

This feature will encourage more and more sellers to confidently expand their business overseas, as, it will allows them to gain instant access about the custom requirements and trade terminology.

Also, they can know local import and export support requirements.

Financial protection

Shipping internationally involves time, effort and cost which are the most important factors for any growing seller.

Easily protect your shipments with DHL’s Shipment Insurance. This allows sellers an opportunity to claim from all risks of physical loss or damage occurred in transit, making the most optimistic use of their capital in the growing stage.

Country Facts

Another helpful tool for start-ups, DHL Country Facts helps sellers first identify potential customer base overseas that makes it easy plan business strategies and make the most out of it. Simply select the country and gain knowledge and confidence to expand your business across the globe.

Customer Resource Centre

Quickly gain insights and advice about advanced shipping solutions and access freight tracking and application to gain transparency of all your shipments.

2- FedEx


FedEx Online Retail Solution

Find the hottest insights, trends, and industry knowledge from experts of the same field. Easily access case studies, whitepapers and solution-finding tools to help you small business easily ship locally, as well as, internationally.

Offer discounts

Deliver products in time and keep customer’s satisfaction high. At the same time, using the patent-pending six-panel label, you can add discount coupon codes, cross-sell, or even recommend products to enhance relationship and encourage customers for repeat purchases.

Competitive delivery option

Extend your delivery window by offering “Saturday delivery,” “evening delivery,” or, “any specific-time delivery,” and enhance customer’s shopping experience.

Helpful ecommerce resource

Gain the latest tips, tricks and winning metrics to perform smart business strategies and help you grow your business faster.

Sell in the right international market

Access industry specific information about leading market for your products and confidently expand your offering in areas that can bring maximum sales for your ecommerce business.

Speed Fast

Live up to any of your customer’s expectation by accessing a range of delivery options that includes “Ship really, really fast,” “Ship really fast,” “Guarantee delivery dates as early as one day,” and, “Guarantee delivery dates with FedEx Freight.”

Ship for Less

Save money without negotiating on the reliable delivery. Economical, day-definite ground delivery, “FedEx Express Saver”, along with “flat shipping rates” and “freight shipping” are some of the cost-saving option for small business owners.

FedEx Global Returns

Gain control over your international returns with using “FedEx Global Returns.” You can also maintain complete visibility of all your returns, link return shipment, as well as, manage tracking and reporting for all you returns in your account.

3- UPS



This allows sellers to link your ecommerce business with special savings, tools, and logistic to swiftly scale and grow your small business.

Access “New Customer” discounts that allow small sellers a benefit to save 20% of air and international shipments, 10% off UPS Ground, and a one year of UPS Smart Pickup service.

UPS Developer Kit

Whether it is to gain speed and save cost behind those shipping processes, or, allow online shoppers content that they need to make purchase decisions, UPS Developer Kit helps small sellers with tools to make shipping and selling easy.

UPS saving program for Amazon sellers

A saver pack for Amazon sellers, you can now save up to 37% off UPS Standard List rates. This acts a helping hand to small sellers to ship at some competitive shipping cost when selling over the leading ecommerce platform.

UPS Logistic program

Put your business at a competitive advantage. Gain tips to enhance shipping process and work smartly. Access strategies to speedy shipping, analyze factors that can save you more shipping time and cost, as well as, gain insights to practice the most accurate and easy returns for your business.



USPS Click-N-Ship

Printing labels manually for every shipment consumes sellers a lot of time and can lead to costly errors (wrong delivery information). This leads to wastage of effort and capital.

USPS Click-N-Ship for business allows small sellers to gain a competitive advantage by automating printing labels and maintaining accuracy to boost customer service. One label printed, easily schedule a Package Pickup and USPS will arrange for the pick and delivery.

Compare shipping services

Allowing customers with product delivery at their convenience, are surely helping small retailers enhance visibility for their brand.

USPS Mail & Shipping Services are offering sellers with multiple shipping options to ensure sellers can reach every customer’s demand when it comes to delivery. Their shipping options include:

– Priority Mail Express (Overnight guarantee, from $13.09 online)

– Priority Mail (Shipping in 1-3 Business days, from $5.05 online)

– First-Class Mail (Mail in 1-3 Business days, from $0.49 at Post office)

– Standard Post (Standard Shipping in 2-8 Business days, from $5.75 at a Post Office)

– Media Mail (2-8 Business days, from $2.72 at a Post Office)

USPS Shipping consolidator

Outsourcing shipping services are being an ideal option for start-ups and small sellers; as such providers take care of all shipping activity that includes pick up and sorting, to fulfilment.

USPS Shipping Consolidator allows sellers to connect with providers who will take care of their entire shipping process, making a smart use of their capital in the growing stage. Also, this feature enable small sellers an added advantage of getting shipping discounts, insurance, as well as, tracking service for their shipment.

Wrapping up

The above are major shipping services that are preferred by sellers across the globe, as they provide many easy-to-use shipping tools and resources to help their small business meet shipping needs.

In addition, these providers also offer education resources and tips for small business experts that can allow small sellers gain a competitive advantage and grow successfully.

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