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A Free eBook That Will Help You Run Your Web Store's First Google Ad

Search engine marketing can be extremely useful in situations like a viral social media post pumping up demand for a product and seasonal demands. It allows us to put our brands on the top positions of Google instantly. But, newbies find SEM even more challenging than SEO due to the involvement of the finances. To run an SEM campaign successfully, you need to understand which SEO metrics drive ad pricing decisions.

Especially in 2021, SEM should be a significant part of your business strategy since the pandemic accelerated online buying shift last year. This motivated a lot of people to start an online business, thus adding to the already competitive market. Also, as we return to normal buying methods once vaccination picks pace, with all this being said, it is indeed wise to pay search engines for getting the leads instead of fighting their algorithms.

This free guide covers everything: keyword research, building keyword buckets, getting started to Google Ads, and running your first campaign. You will also learn about different SEO tools used in the process. We will also learn how to run ads on Microsoft Bing, Yahoo!, and AOL. We have also included Amazon Ads and Google Remarketing Ads to make this ebook truly insightful. All of this is topped with plenty of examples and screenshots.

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Crash Course On Search Engine Marketing