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Driving more traffic

Useful Techniques to Boost Multichannel Sales

There are many ways an online retailer can create or drive traffic to their sales pages. Whether it is a website, web store, store on a major retail channel such as eBay or an affiliate marketing page, traffic is the life’s blood needed to keep an e-commerce business going.

Unfortunately, many retailers still use an “all eggs in one basket” theory that sees them sinking their budgets into the development of one great website or channel and then having nothing left to market or drive traffic to the site. Even those with room in the budget rely on SEO to such an extent that they overlook the other, equally effective options.

Though SEO is the king, and will remain so in the coming years, it is not the only way to create traffic and sales. Free as it is, SEO is not the only path, and you can use multichannel sales to take your business towards success too. What does multichannel mean? The website Practical eCommerce has this to say: “multichannel selling can be defined as sales within the various online channels: single website, public marketplaces and shopping-comparison sites.

Inventory management software that offers integration with multiple channels is an ideal solution for retailers jumping into the multichannel world.

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