eCommerce Email Marketing – The Ultimate Guide

What does ice cream do to your coffee? Or what does the addition of chocolate sauce do to your vanilla ice cream? It boosts the taste, brings more attention, and ultimately increases more revenue. Similarly, ecommerce Email Marketing does all these things for your business. Ecommerce Email Marketing is the ‘New In’ in the eCommerce industry. Or you can say it is an easy, convenient, and cost-effective way of promoting your business and sharing the latest news to your customers. eCommerce Email Marketing is an easy and simple way to increase website traffic.

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What is ecommerce Email Marketing?

ecommerce Email Marketing is the act of sending a commercial message, typically to a group of people, using email. Every email that is sent to a probable or current customer could be considered ecommerce email marketing in its broadest sense. (Source: Wikipedia). In a broader sense, ecommerce email marketing helps a company achieve one of these objectives: boost sales, increase traffic, brand awareness, or share the latest updates. ecommerce Email Marketing can be in the form of Welcome emails, abandoned cart emails, promotional emails, or advertisements. The entire purpose of ecommerce email marketing is to build trust, maintain relationships, and credibility with the customers.

What can you send through ecommerce Email Marketing

Yes, ecommerce email marketing is an effective way of communicating with your customers. Most companies send traditional emails such as ‘Welcome Email, Promotional Email, or Transactional Emails’. But do you know, there is a lot more you can do through ecommerce email marketing, such as sending blogs, newsletters, holiday discounts, and coupons, and even asking for feedback. These were a few more ecommerce email marketing examples. But, first things first, let us see an example of the above-mentioned three types of emails.

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Types of ecommerce Email Marketing

  • Welcome Email

Let us talk about our personal lives before starting this topic. What do you do when you get guests at home? You invite them in, isn’t it. In most cases, you may begin by saying, ‘Hi, How are you doing. Please come in, welcome to our house’. Why do we do this? To make our guests feel special, feel welcomed, and we greet them to make them comfortable because we are genuinely happy seeing our guests turned up to our invitation. Similarly, if someone visits your website, you should drop in a ‘Welcome Email’ to greet them and tell them how happy you are by adding a new member to your family. Welcome Email is one such type of email marketing for online retailers.

Welcome Email

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  • Promotional Email

Do you see giant banners and signboards in front of shops that are screaming out loud, “Flat 50%. Offer Valid till Month-End” or “Buy 2 and Get 1 Free”. You do feel inclined to shop a little, don’t you? Now, please don’t lie to me; I know you feel a bit inclined to see such offers. But what about the online marketplace? eCommerce Email marketing helps bridge that barrier between customers and companies. They send promotional emails to the customers and create awareness about the latest promotional activities. 

Promotional Email

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  • Transactional Email

What is a transactional email? It is a type of eCommerce email marketing that means sending emails between two phases.
For example.: Customer has products in the cart but has not checked out yet. OR maybe the customer began the checkout process but stopped at the payment gateway page. In such cases, customers need a little push. Send them a transactional email and ask them to complete the checkout process. You can even add an offer to encourage customers to complete the process, such as ‘free shipping available’ or ‘avail 10% discount on this order’.

“In our first eight months, we recovered more than $425,000 in sales using abandoned cart emails,” said Ken Harrison, CEO of Enjuku Racing.

Once you can build trust, you can venture out to more variations in your emails. Try adding an entire blog post or send newsletters. Basically, you need to communicate with them every step of the way.

Transactional Email

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How to Track the Success of eCommerce Email Marketing

Did you know that you can track the success of eCommerce email marketing? But the difficult question is ‘How’? How will you do it?

“It’s difficult to overstate the importance of maintaining a robust email marketing strategy, or the value of the marketing metrics you use to maintain it.” said by Marketo.

We know by now that eCommerce email marketing is essential, and the Best Email Marketing Services will also help you to keep track of it and mainly understand how it impacts our customers. But before that, let us learn the few crucial metrics that we need to consider.

  • Open Rate and Bounce Rate

It is important to measure which emails went through to the customers and which bounced back. If they don’t open the email, then nothing further can happen! So, it is very important to actually measure the bounce rate and open rate. The Open Rate formula is as follows:

Open Rate and Bounce Rate

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Image Courtesy: Business to Community

Email Open Rate

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  • Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate means the number of emails that were sent to the customers but were not successfully delivered.
For example:
incorrect email address. It is essential to calculate the bounce rate because it gives an idea of how many emails were successfully sent to the customers, and from hereon, other calculations and evaluations are easier to generate.

Bounce Rate Formula

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  • Conversion Rate

When you send an email to your customer that requires a specific action, and the customer fulfills that action, it is known as conversion.
For Example: Subscribe to our newsletter. Complete the checkout process. 

Conversion Rate

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  • Unsubscription Rate 

You might have noticed that it is written at the bottom of every commercial email, ‘Please click here if you want to unsubscribe.’ Well, this isn’t good for business, but customers have their reasons to unsubscribe. This is known as the unsubscription rate. It is essential to calculate this to understand how many customers unsubscribe and why?

Unsubscription Rate

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  • Click-Through Rate

This is important.! Click-Through Rate calculates the number of customers who opened the email and clicked on the link mentioned in the email. A lot of statistics rely on the click-through rate because it calculates the number of customers who took an interest in the link/message shared to them. It is also a vital part of any campaign.

Email CTR

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Why is it important to Optimize Emails

Emails have become a habitual part of everyday life. Thus, eCommerce email marketing is a very important tool. Remember, it is crucial to optimize and personalize your emails for a much better effect, which gives a personal touch to your message. There are few basic things to remember:

  • Always add your brand name and maintain uniformity across all your emails.
  • Make sure you send emails during business hours and not late at night or early mornings.
  • Don’t over-send emails to customers. Set a weekly or 15-days calendar to send emails.
  • Make sure your emails are desktop-friendly and mobile-friendly.
  • Always personalize your emails and give a friendly and professional touch to them.
  • Send emails addressing their name, such as ‘Hello Mike’ and send emails on occasions: birthdays or anniversaries.
  • Send Welcome Emails. They are the first step to start your journey with your customers.
  • Send a limited number of reminder emails to complete an action, such as the complete checkout process.


Q1. What is eCommerce Email Marketing?

eCommerce Email Marketing is the type of marketing that uses emails to create brand awareness, boost sales, promote products and offers, and stay connected with customers. eCommerce Email Marketing is not only one of the most popular marketing methods but also easy to use and effective marketing strategy.

Q2. What does ‘Target Mail’ in eCommerce Email Marketing mean?

Target Email is a type of email marketing where emails are sent to a specific target audience based on their geographic location, age, interests, and other criteria.

Q3. What kind of marketing is eCommerce Email Marketing?

eCommerce Email Marketing is considered to be direct marketing as well as digital marketing. It is known as both because it communicates directly to the customers, and as it is done on a digital platform, eCommerce Email Marketing is considered as both, Direct Marketing and Digital Marketing.

Q4. Does eCommerce Email Marketing increase sales?

There are statistics that prove that eCommerce Email Marketing has delivered highly appreciable results in terms of sales and competition of an action. There is an entire list of statistics to prove the same on


eCommerce Email Marketing is a trend that brings in a huge success ratio, and it is a proven, cost-effective form of marketing. Also, the email marketing journey has gotten massively simplified with the help of ecommerce automation. eCommerce Automation helps streamline and organize the process of sending emails much more effectively than doing manual processes. So, it is never too late to start with it in case you haven’t yet begun. All you need to do is START your journey and connect with your customers. If you think about it, there is nothing to lose. As mentioned earlier, eCommerce Email Marketing is not an expensive affair. You have read all the data and statistics revolving around it, so all you have to do is begin your journey and tell all about it.


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