7 reasons why you should invest in Automation


E-Commerce is booming all around the world. It will be booming even further in the coming years as new technologies shake hands with e-commerce everyday to make it more fruitful and beneficial. 

When it comes to eCommerce, one of the biggest challenges is managing your inventory. Every online or retailer must have realized that it is not a simple task. Inventory management needs proper planning and execution to keep a track of each of your inventory and should be managed appropriately to avoid inventory loss.

“It has been noted by Statistics that businesses from all over the globe got a loss of around $1.75 Trillion because they faced losses in their inventory.”

A proper inventory management process covers tracking of inventory levels, orders, deliveries, and sales as well. What if I told you that you can do all this automatically using software! Yes, it’s possible. An automated eCommerce software is capable of handling all your inventory-related hassles.


“The correct automated inventory system will support the stock replenishment by generating the purchase orders after the stock levels reach a minimum threshold.”

Why pick automation for your e-commerce inventory management?

  • It will help you in tracking your overall inventory and provide a streamline stock view 
  • Creating stock reports for analyzing your inventory that will ultimately save your cost 
  • Enhance your delivery by handling stock-outs and fulfilling customer needs
  • Handling planning and forecasting by knowing the current data trends
  • Takes less time in managing the inventory and all the records systematically across multiple sales channel at one place

Top reasons that will encourage you to invest in automation for your e-commerce inventory management

#1 Automation assists in saving lots of time

Automation assists in saving lots of time

Any business always searches for unique ways to save a lot of time as well as remove labor costs. If you will automate all the inventory management processes then you can remove the manual processes completely. Forget all of the cumbersome manual work that you might be doing in the past like managing everything related to inventory and updating it manually. 

With the help of automation, you can remove the labor work fully. One time scanning of the products is enough to track the whole journey of the product until it reaches the customer.


  • Example – 

The role of automation in the drug inventory management will save your time and money both. The drug inventory control system permits all the inventory functions to be performed in a faster and more efficient manner and that too in real-time. It will automatically arrange the medicines in the sold-packages that were ordered from wholesalers on a daily basis using a fax-modem. 

The software can do many different things on its own like searching the lot number and finding the expiry date from the records and more such. All such functions are useful for removing the layman interface and hence will streamline the whole process in less time.

#2 Automation assures accurate inventory level

Automation assures accurate inventory level

It is a well-understood fact that any work which is performed by humans can make errors. This will increase the chances of wrong entries and errors in your inventory management work. Going automated will not only avoid human efforts and errors but also help you in managing all the work accurately. You can keep a track of your stock appropriately using the automated inventory management. 


  • Example – 

If your products are running out of stock and have not been used for a long time being kept in the warehouse. In such worse cases, because of the non-availability of the stock items, your potential customers can move to your competitors in the search of the product. Obviously, this will make a huge loss for your business. That’s the reason why automated inventory management becomes a vital need for the e-commerce industry.

#3 Automation aims to enhance delivery quality

Automation aims to enhance delivery quality

A figure of 81% of customers experiencing out-of-stock conditions has been analyzed in the past 12 months. Ultimately, that resulted in the loss of sales for the retailers and disappointment for customers as well. Having a proper and honest tracking of inventory using automated systems will help you in delivering products to your valuable customers without any failures. This will ultimately raise the level of your business in customers’ eyes and will build a trusting relationship. 


  • Example –

You must be aware of all the details of inventory like when the vendor is going to ship the inventory and on what time it will arrive and all such things. Automation will assist you in promoting sellers for restocking the levels of inventory and offerings standard tracking. Tracking will enhance the overall quality of your delivery system and customers can enjoy their parcel on the expected date.

#4 Automation cut the chances of human error

Automation cut the chances of human error

Avoiding human errors is a long-time need for people for many years. People are managing all types of paper documents and sheets work manually for a long time. Now, it is actually possible with an automated inventory management system to eliminate manual work. Automated solutions will help you with finding accurate operational costs, sales cost and knowing the worst and best items without much effort. When people handle everything manually the chances of human errors increases. Automation eradicates the fear of human errors and offers a full inventory management system that runs flawlessly. 


  • Example –

Statistics recommend the use of a barcode system for the need of accurate goods tracking. All types of admin errors that arise with the performance of human tasks can get removed with the help of an inventory system. With the help of accurate inventory management costs, you will be able to know operating costs and sales cost, etc.

#5 Cut down business cost using automation

Cut down business cost using automation

Every business owner will first think of how they can cut down the cost of their business. Talking about the automated inventory management system, it has the full capability to reduce your business cost. There are so many factors in any type of business that may increase business costs like inventory damage, excessive inventory, and more such. To save your business from all such unnecessary costing, automation will assist you dedicatedly to cut down this business costs. The automation system will streamline all of the business processes and maintain all the records timely.

#6 Stock syncing on different sales channels

Staying active on multiple e-commerce channels is a choice of business owners. But what about the management of multiple data across multiple sites? How are you going to handle massive and multiple data manually? For this, the automated inventory management tool will work at its best as it will sync all the records in the right place without human interference. So your each and every entry will be managed by the automation tool as soon as you made your first sale.


Highlighted benefits of syncing stock on multiple channels 


  • It will save a lot of time that you might be spending on updating the inventory and stock figures
  • No fear of having errors that may occur while putting data manually 
  • You can track your inventory and stock data in real-time 
  • Automation saves time that you may take while making manual putting data
  • No worries of making any wonders with the products that are present in the stock while selling

#7 Automation supports easy forecasting

Automation supports easy forecasting

Using the automated inventory management system, you will be able to improve the forecasting demand just by finding out all of the data trends from the present stocks. This will help you in the case of before ordering new products, you will be knowing the exact figure of products that you need to order to meet the expected demand.

Wrap Up...

For any e-commerce or retail business, automated inventory management software is of utmost importance. Currently, there are so many companies that have already started using this software and have achieved great profits in their business. If you are not using the automation software for managing your inventory then you might be lacking behind and may face some kind of losses in your business. The automation software will not only streamline your inventory processes but will remove the fear of human errors completely as everything will be managed automatically. So it’s time to get used to trending technologies and make its use to the fullest to make solid profits in your business!



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