Effective methods to enhance your brick and mortar store growth

Whether the purchase order is $1 or $1000, treating all your customer’s the same is the key for a successful growth.

With online retail being one of the fastest growing industries, offline sellers often struggle to attract audience for their business.

Modern customers are so busy in their daily lives that they prefer brands that allow them more than a shopping experience.

Considering this, many brick and mortar store owners are adopting innovative methods that can help them increase their customer base year-after-year.

Is your brick and mortar business strategy helping you to attract sufficient audience?

In this blog, we will discuss on ways that can help start-ups and small sellers gain a competitive advantage and attract audience for their brick-and-mortar store to grow successfully.

Firstly, focus on the four Ps

Strengthening the basic foundation of your business i.e. the product, price, place and promotion will automatically lead to successful growth.

Let’s take a look at them

a- Product

The foremost thing that would decide a customer’s interest for your brand, is your product offerings. You will need to stock products that customers will want to buy.

Doesn’t matter if your products are one of the best sellers, if you stock those out-dated collections, will not encourage customers to try your brand.

Ensure your customers are offered with the latest products and styles

Timely upgrading your product offerings will automatically encourage modern customers to engage with the brand; as such customers quickly become loyal with brands that keep them updated with the latest designs and trends.

For instance: You deal with apparel, and unable to pep up our store with the latest fashion will not encourage shoppers to make purchases, and later never visits your shop. Also, dealing with products that has an expiration date should be replaced, if any.

b- Price

Considering the excellent price discounts offered by online sellers across the web, brick and mortar store owners really struggle hard in coming up with a winning pricing strategy for their products.

On the flipside, lowering your product price can eat up profits up to a great extent.

Develop strong relationship with your suppliers

Building good relationship with your suppliers can be a cost-effective growth option. Doing so, you will be able to procure products at the best price, which will automatically allows you to adjust product price smartly, and make the most out of the ones that actually works for your customers.

c- Place

It not necessary to have a brick-and-mortar store in the centre of the city, as it will involve a lot of investment. However, at the same time the store should not be at a place that is hard to locate.

This is one of the major reasons why many brick-and-mortar store owners are unable to increase their customer base.

Allow easy navigation

Ensure it is easy to spot your brick-and-mortar store by offering exact roadmap and navigation over your website, banners, and ads. Also, the existence of a parking space for your customers will influence them, whether to visit your store or not.

d- Promotion

Prior to advent of online shopping, a sale would totally depend on the sales representative. However, today, brick-and-mortar store owners have to be loud about their brand as modern customers are quite attracted to the online world.

Business owners, who are have not adopted digital marketing for their brick and mortar store are losing many opportunities that hampers growth of their business.

Embrace social commerce

Creating a business account with leading social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, will help you spread awareness targeting specific location, age group, and many important metrics to promote your products and brand, smartly.

Running effective digital marketing campaigns for your brick-and-mortar stores, will help increase visibility on larger scale.

Next, tie-up with online brands

Many online brands are seen to link-up with relevant physical stores, as it allows them an opportunity to expand business by offering a multi-channel shopping experience to their customers.

Embrace Virtual window shopping

Brick and mortar store owners are also taking an advantage of online sites that allows them to list their collection over the web. This will give you a chance to increase product and brand visibility, even more.

Be one of their fulfilment centres

Take time and look-up for online stores that deals with products similar to your offerings. Then, track where all they offer delivery. Now, if your brick-and-mortar store falls in their delivery areas approach them with a helping hand.

This means, being one of the product delivery centres from where customers can pick up their online order, will help you increase your brick-and- mortar store visibility among potential customer who have already show interest in the product type you have.

Conduct small exhibitions

Another effective method, you can frequently organize events. This helps in increasing brand awareness, as well as, increase sales order for your brick and mortar business. Small business owners are already creating a buzz for their brand by announcing event to attract local crowd and gain their trust.

Exhibitions does not have to be a big one to attract potential customers, it can be small, or, even in your store.

Stores Growth

But, in the end there is time and cost involved to it, therefore, you need to plan well in advance and consider these important things to make the most out of your exhibitions.

Last, allow a multichannel shopping experience

Modern customers are influenced with brands that involve technology in their shopping experience.

Brick and mortar stores already have a competitive advantage over online retailers; all they you need to do is start adopting it.

Adopt technologies like:


This technology allows brick and mortar store owners to attract nearby shoppers with promotional ads, coupons, product alerts and reviews too.

Investing in this hardware device, you can fit it in any of your store’s countertops that will then allow you to connect and communicate with nearby shopper’s smartphone or tablets.

Interactive fitting rooms

This refers to the trial room, and big fashion brands have already adopted this technology and are gaining better feedbacks. They offer a touch screen mirror with compelling options that engages customers to have fun while shopping.

Brick-and mortar store owners also offer other technologies like interactive storefronts and more, however,  it is too early to tell which ones are actually helping them to boost sales and are worth the investment.

Good technology example from a leading fashion brand

Effective methods store’s growth

However, business owners who adopted some kind of technology for their brick and mortar store are surely gaining positive customer feedback that helps them to enhance in-store shopping experience, day-after-day.

Wrapping up

The ecommerce world is growing significantly, and it’s high time for brick-and-mortar store owners to think of ways, not only to survive but grow and attract audience from the online world, too.

Focusing on the above will continue to change the opportunities for your brick-and mortar store and grow your business successfully.

Savio Fernandes

Savio Fernandes

Savio Fernandes is a writer who influences. Writing for over three years at Orderhive, he is currently focused in offering eCommerce and retail solutions for start-ups and medium business owners.

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