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multi-channel software for large retailers.

What makes you choose Orderhive Enterprise?

Orderhive Enterprise is engineered to speed up your growth with process automation and data integration. Reduce your operational costs and grow your business with our enterprise inventory management software tailored to your business needs.

BENEFITS - Unlimited Orders

Execute unlimited orders in a fixed yearly price

We don't put any limit on the maximum number of orders processed. We are pro-business, and when you use Orderhive, the sky isn't the limit because soon there will be footprints on Mars.

  • Hassle-free order fulfillment & success rate
  • No separate plan required to be subscribed to process more orders
  • Process unlimited orders from multiple channels

BENEFITS - Premium Integrations

Premium integrations customized as per your needs

At Orderhive, we have a team of dedicated technocrats to help our enterprise clients by developing premium and customized integrations to make Orderhive and your business made for each other pair.

  • Premium integrations done on the go
  • Improve your competitiveness with customized integrations
  • Premium customization in less money and time with our in-house team

BENEFITS - Easy to use APIs

Easy APIs for any external integration or app development

The future of businesses lies in collaboration. For money to exchange hands, exchanging information is a must; a smooth bidirectional flow of data. From our API-first design approach you can benefit with:

  • Faster and reliable custom integrations
  • Higher flexibility for your infrastructure
  • Well documented APIs for consistent, simple, and quicker development

BENEFITS - Dedicated Account Manager

Dedicated account manager to keep your process seamless

We understand that enterprise level solutions, and automation require proper support. Therefore, a dedicated account manager throughout the implementation process, training, and any help you need at any time!

  • Experience a personalized solution
  • Get heard by a ‘human’ instead of writing endless emails
  • Participate in making Orderhive better

BENEFITS - Spike Protection

Spike protection to protect your business from uncertainties

With our spike protection framework, safeguard your business in the times of uncertainty in demand.

  • Orderhive provides top-notch spike protection
  • Separates paying customers from resource draining bots
  • Keeps your site fast and secure

BENEFITS - Backup & Security

Stay atop with frequent back-ups & high security

Make no compromise with your online store's security. Orderhive Plus comes with multi-layer security support and frequent backups to keep your business afloat no matter what challenge arises.

  • SOC 1 certified, as security starts with its source code, its DNA
  • Frequent backups, because data matters
  • Get Cyber Security Experts work 24/7 for you

You are one more step closer to sky-rocket your retail business

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Our words won’t simply be enough

Orderhive powers 5500+ eCommerce companies across the globe.
And with these supergiants wearing Orderhive as a cape, we have become more responsible, feature-loaded.

Orderhive auto-updates inventory level; allowed CR7 to reduce error in inventory counts

Orderhive’s multi-channel solution has helped the company with a centralized inventory management system, which allows them to sync all their product stores at one place. This way they can easily track and maintain accurate stock counts for all their stores.

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International Military Antiques achieved a fantastic control over their order and inventory management with the help of automation provided by Orderhive.

Frauds are dealt with by blocking the orders with different shipping and billing addresses and automatically sending an email to the buyer to verify their identity by sending their id proof and last four digits of their credit card. Orderhive helped them integrate with Channel Advisor to manage their channels and order listings.

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Orderhive has delivered features that helped integrate Wicore’s channel partners and overall strong automation fulfillment processes.

Orderhive went deep down to the core of the problem and started solutions from the base. Through the solutions, Wicore now had a centralized tool to manage their orders, inventories, customers data, and fulfillment process.

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Orderhive helped HealthifyMe to save 70% of their time by eliminating the process of manually handling their core business processes.

The employees at HealthifyMe operates their business with ease as Orderhive offers a self-explanatory UI. They save a lot of time on processing orders and are able to manage their customers more efficiently. HealthifyMe uses intelligence reports regularly and quickly access the data they need to improve performance.

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See how Orderhive Enterprise enables Freeletics to exchange data between multiple channels and 3PL system

Orderhive automated Freeletics inventory & Order management workflow and gave them a centralized system to manage inventory and fulfill orders. Keeping fulfillment, customer service and drop shipping process consistent across their multiple Shopify sites.

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Orderhive omitted the need of manual intervention for handling orders to the 3PL companies by generating smart routing tables for CARV

Orderhive provided a bridge between CARV and its 3PL partners. This allowed CARV to move their manpower to more business focussed roles as Orderhive could easily take care of order handling to 3PL companies using order routing automation.

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Only Approved chose Orderhive after weighing the market offerings.

The inventory management module is a true asset as the Only Approved team is now maintaining ideal stock levels with accurate forecasts. They are now able to manage the pricing, bulk discounts, and optimal stock levels. Now it is possible to club different items of an order by making the decisions regarding which item to store and which items’ deliveries to schedule through dropshipping.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got any questions about our Enterprise Inventory Management System? Here are some of the common ones we get about how you can use Orderhive Enterprise to reduce your operational costs and grow your business, your way.

Do you offer trial of Orderhive Enterprise?

No, we don’t. Orderhive Enterprise is a customized solution that’s developed to your requirements. To run an initial analysis, feel free to explore Orderhive during our 15-day Free Trial period and examine what types of customization you need.

How much does Orderhive Enterprise cost?

There’s no fixed pricing for Orderhive Enterprise. The cost entirely depends on your requirements and what we develop for you. Once you send us your requirements, our team of analysts and developers will prepare a proposal highlighting the timeframe and cost.

How much time does it take to implement Orderhive Enterprise?

We understand that you want a solution in a short time to maintain your business’ efficiency, so we consider this expectation and propose a timeline that works for you. However, the exact delivery time will depend on the extent of the customization you require.

Can I cancel my Orderhive Enterprise account?

Yes, you can cancel the Orderhive Enterprise account anytime by giving 30 days notice period to the Orderhive team. Data in the Orderhive Enterprise account is your property, so we provide all data backups before closing your account in the required format.

Can I use Orderhive Enterprise for my International business?

Orderhive Enterprise is compatible with multiple locations, currencies, restricted access control, and taxation frameworks. Our team of dedicated developers will furnish all necessary customization to suit your needs with country-specific modifications.

Should I purchase an ERP or go with Orderhive Enterprise?

ERP solutions are very complex, and customizing them exactly to meet your eCommerce store's needs isn't an easy job. Orderhive Enterprise is a perfect match for eCommerce stores as it is heavily optimized for inventory management, shipping management, warehousing, multi-channel sales, and extensive automation.

Who owns the business data if I stop using Orderhive Enterprise?

You are the sole owner of your business data. All your information is stored securely on the servers with 24x7 surveillance. Any third party cannot access your data, and it is secured with end-to-end encryption and other safety measures. If you choose to stop using Orderhive, you can safely download your data, and it will be removed from our system.

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