Estimated Shipping Cost – Everything Explained in Detail!

There is no doubt in saying that the shipping industry is the oldest one in the world. Without it, we could have never come to this point in the global economy that we are enjoying today. No country is perfect in itself and doesn’t have everything within it. Every country wants to get involved in the buying and selling of goods of whatever they have and whatever they want from other countries.

“All over the globe, there are around 2 / 3 of ocean freight shipping crews which are totally dependent at sea for outside communication.”

In this article, we will talk about everything in detail about the estimated shipping costs and shipping management Let’s begin!

What is shipping cost -

What is shipping cost

Shipping offers low-cost and efficient transport that supports the economy of the growing countries and for foreign growth and domestic consumption and production. 

All the transporting processes will require some amount of money. Here comes the cost of shipping which is required for transporting goods from one point to the other one. In other terms, Shipping can be explained as moving cargo from source to destination. 

The total cost of transporting goods depends on a number of factors like vehicle type, components, and various things that are covered in the overall journey of transportation.

What is an estimated shipping cost -

Shipping cost is the cost that is assumed before you get the final price of your shipment. This is done by filling in information related to your transportation. The cost of shipping can be estimated by using a shipping calculator and by filling in the required information.

What information is required for calculating shipping cost -

Calculating Shipping

  • Shipping source and destination

The start-point and end-point of the journey matter a lot while calculating the estimated shipping cost. The more will be the distance, the higher will be the total cost of your shipping journey. In some areas, couriers or shipping measures the distance depending on the postal zones. Before you start with the product shipping, you need to first understand the start and end-point for calculating the costs.

  • Weight of your package

Weight of your package

Weighing your package is an important aspect while aiming to calculate the estimated cost of your shipment. The more is the weight of your package, the more will be its cost. That’s why weight is important to measure when you are shipping products from one place to another. Also, there is the dimensional weight of the package which also weighs when you are shipping the products.

  • Dimensions of the package

Just like the weight of the product, the dimensions of the package are yet another factor that you need to consider while calculating shipping costs. It is not always about how much is the weight of your package but how much space it is covering. You will need to measure the length, weight, and height of your package for knowing its dimensions. Probably this will add some weight to your package apart from the weight of your package.

  • Value of your shipment

Value of your shipment

Sometimes it happens that your shipment has some valuable product inside that you want to get delivered safely. In such cases, you can buy an additional insurance for the protection of your product. This will again add some extra bucks to the overall costing of your shipping. 

“The United States is fully dependent on shipping for the supply of 2 / 3 national oil.”

  • Delivery time

Delivery time

Delivery is the most important stage of the shipping process and everybody wants their product to get delivered on-time. Missing the delivery time or taking extra days in the delivery can cost extra bucks. Different companies offer different shipping options for the sake of fast delivery. For that, you will have to pay some extra shipping charges.

Factors to consider while calculating shipping cost

  • Insurance of shipping

Insurance of shipping

Buying insurance for your shipment has become a vital need. Sometimes it happens that you may have some personal or fragile items in your shipment. In such cases, there is always the threat of damage to your items while shipping. The cost that is involved in buying the insurance of your shipping is not that much high. Some items require special care while shipping and in such cases, you should opt for shipping insurance and ensure the safety of your product till it reaches its final destination.

  • Cost associated with shipping

Cost associated with shipping

There are so many factors attached to the shipping that may become the reason for the extra cost in the shipping process. The major shipping related charges include pickup location, fuel consumption, and fees for little mistakes.

1. Pickup location

Charges that are related to pickups are specifically courier-based. These types include courier services at some outside area or pickup from your home. In such cases, there will be some extra charges for handling your shipments.

2. Consumption of fuel

Express courier services charge for the extra cost that will be attached to the services, like if the courier is covering the distance overnight. The other case is of courier services managed from one country to another and month to month. This will obviously surge up the charges immediately.

3. Fees for some  mistakes

It is obvious to say that humans make mistakes because nobody is perfect. When it is about shipping then there may be possibilities of errors that may cause extra cost. The common mistakes that cost money are – address correction fee, return fees, single package delivered many times fees, delivery reattempt fees, and more such.

  • Shipping handling-related cost

The cost of shipping handling is usually related to transporting dangerous goods. Under the category of dangerous goods, there may be any such goods like guns, batteries, needles, etc. For packing all such dangerous stuff, you will need special packaging material. This is yet another reason for costing an extra buck in your shipping.

  • Duties & Taxes

Duties & Taxes

At the time when you are shipping any product to other countries, you will be asked to pay extra duties and taxes before the shipment gets delivered. Duties and taxes may vary depending on the country as well as your shipping value. The important types of duties that you must know often contain some hidden charges.

1. DDU shipments –

Deliver Duty Unpaid (DDU) shipments – In this, the recipient must pay the total amount of money that is required from source to destination. Being a sender, you can also pay in the case if the recipient refuses to pay the taxes or if declines the package in the worst case. Being a merchant, you must stay clear and transparent with the international shipping costs, and of course, it will save your money in the end.

2. DDP shipments –

Deliver Duty Paid (DDP) shipments – In this case, the sender will be paying the fee as it has a complex structure for calculating fees. The package will cost a DDP handling fee for paying the duties and taxes on the behalf of yours when the package will arrive at the destination. There will be a disbursement fee that is complex but gets calculated on the basis of the percentage of duties and taxes. This will assure that the recipient will not have to pay or refuse to collect the package.

Benefits of calculating shipping cost

Benefits of calculating shipping cost

The price of the product is one of the most important parts that every customer must want to know prior they start the shipping process. You can actually know the estimate of your shipping just by knowing some of the basic information about your shipping product and journey. By doing a proper market analysis, you will be able to find out the possibilities of the cost that will be attached to your shipment. Also, you can easily find out some craft offers and different messages that may attract customers to stand out amongst the competitors. Also, by knowing the size of your shipment, you can figure out the estimated shipping cost. One shipment is different from the other one because there may be different products or different sizes. All the information about the shipment must be accurate to calculate the cost of the shipment. 

“In the United States, until the next decade, the trucking industry will grow by 21%.”

How to calculate shipping cost

The fastest way to calculate the shipping cost is by using a shipping calculator. Shipping companies like FedEx, UPS, and USPS have their own shipping calculator for calculating the estimated cost of your shipment. You will just need to acquire the above-mentioned basic set of information about the shipment. Then you will easily be able to get approximate pricing of your shipment. You will need only the source and destination of your shipment, postal code, and the weight of the products. Knowing this information, you will be able to calculate the estimated shipping cost in minutes.

Interesting facts about shipping

Interesting facts about shipping

  • Did you know that around 90% of the goods come and go by ship all over the globe. 
  • It has been observed that every year, the container ship travels a distance of around 75% for the shipping purpose which is about 360000 miles. 
  • The sixth biggest fleet with 3570 vessels is present in the United States. 
  • Approximately 2000 sailors are being killed annually and around 10000 shipping containers get lost in the sea. 
  • The survey at the International Chamber of Shipping estimates that around 7.7 billion tons of cargo were shipped in 2008 that generated $380 billion in shipping charges. 
  • More than 1.5 million seafarers are working on merchant ships. 
  • 98% of the workforce is male in the shipping industry from all over the world.
  • A large container ship has 1000 times more powerful engine than a passenger vehicle, still, these ships can travel approximately 23 knots or around 26.5 miles per hour.

Wrap Up

The shipping industry is vast and dealing in it requires to have all the information about it. If you are the one who wants to get involved in the shipping process and not sure about certain things, then this article will clear all your doubts. Reading the above article I hope now you guys must have got all the information about estimated shipping costs on one single page.



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