All-in-one eCommerce management software

Orderhive is #1 cloud-based orders, inventory and shipping management system. Integrate all your relevant data to track entire product movement from warehouse to end-customer. It allows you to take smarter business decisions.

Orderhive synchronizes your multichannel sales orders and inventory enabling real-time order processing workflow across sales channels. Process payments, generate invoices, manage returns, and allow dropshipping & backorders. Orderhive is your order fulfillment assistant.


Order management software includes :

  • List/Kanban View
  • Create/Manage Sales Order
  • Import & Export Sales Order
  • Invoicing/Payment Management
  • Save & Charge Credit/Debit Cards
  • Create and Manage PickList
  • Assign/Email Orders (3PL/Drop-Ship/Users)
  • Send Order to Amazon FBA
  • SLA Management
  • Download & Print Invoices
  • Download & Print Payment Receipts
  • Returns Management
  • Order Tagging
  • Clone Orders
  • Custom Invoice Format
  • Custom Fields
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Orderhive maps inventory movement across various channels, and allows you real-time inventory visibility in the events of purchase, stocking, sale, shipping and order fulfillment. Avoid shrinkages and set demand-based inventory automation. Orderhive is your inventory in-charge.


Inventory management software includes :

  • Multi-Channel Inventory Sync
  • Manage Multi-Warehouses
  • Manage Amazon FBA & 3PL Warehouses
  • Location-based Stock Management
  • Batch & Expiry Management
  • COGS Management
  • Manage Bundling / Kitting
  • Manage Product Barcodes
  • Print Barcode Labels
  • Resolve Duplicate SKUs/Products
  • Backordered Products
  • Create Simple, Variant & Bundled Products
  • Custom Fields
  • Quick stock Adjustments
  • Manage Stock Transfers
  • Stock Count Audit
  • Import & Export
  • Product Tagging
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Orderhive integrates your multiple shipping carriers and tracks shipments in real-time. Get real-time discounted shipping rates for different locations according to price and weight to buy shipping labels. Orderhive is your shipping station.


Shipping software includes :

  • Buy Shipping labels from 40 Carriers (USPS, UPS, Fedex etc.)
  • USPS 50% Discount (US Customers only)
  • End-to-end Delivery Tracking
  • DropShip Management
  • Multi-piece Shipment
  • AmazonFBA Shipment Tracking
  • Custom Shipping Labels
  • Custom Packing Slips
  • Custom Customs Forms
  • Auto Status Tracking & Alerts
  • Exceptions Management
  • Mass Shipping & DropShipping
  • Print Shipping Manifests
  • Print Packing Slips
  • Shipping Cost Calculator
  • Quick Ship by Scanning
  • Batch Printing
  • International Shipment
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Orderhive offers a clean inventory management system to ease your purchase decisions so you neither over-stock nor miss on any sales. Manage your purchase orders using multiple currencies, partial replenishment, reorder levels, barcodes, PO history etc. Orderhive is your purchase alert.


Purchase management software includes :

  • Create & Manage PO
  • Manage Suppliers
  • Quick Receive by Scanning
  • Email/Assign PO
  • Custom Fields
  • PO Custom Format
  • Create Stock Transfer
  • Clone PO
  • Import & Export
  • PO Tagging
  • Print Barcode
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Orderhive expands reach through multiple marketplace integrations and automates multi-channel sales from a central location. Monitor channel-wise sales & inventory levels with a scalable inventory management system. Orderhive is your marketing-cum-sales manager!


Multichannel integrations include:

  • Sync Product, Inventory, Order etc.
  • Instant Stock updates
  • Auto Order Status updates
  • Auto Shipment Status updates
  • Invoice updates
  • PO updates
  • Payment updates
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Orderhive accurately updates your stock data of one or multiple warehouses, letting you manage transfers from a specific warehouse to the desired channel or another warehouse. Ensure channel partners and yourself a smooth inventory management. Orderhive is your smart stockist!


Warehouse management software include:

  • Multiwarehousing
  • Location based inventory management
  • Batch & Expiry Management
  • Stock Counting
  • Stock Transfer
  • Move Inventory
  • Picklist & Picking
  • Shipping
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Orderhive provides you with a set of 15+ reports for sales, purchase, and inventory to measure product performance and to track overall expenses. Get consolidated reports to reduce inventory risk based on multiple market factors and sales processes. Orderhive is your business intelligence!

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Set desired inventory automation rule to push orders from your marketplaces & storefronts to Amazon FBA. Rule-based auto MCF scheduler allows users to set dynamic fulfillment strategies for a  faster fulfillment experience &  while cutting down costs.

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Orderhive Enterprise
Get more out of Orderhive SaaS and get it customized to your business’ needs. Take your business to the next level with Orderhive Enterprise.

Orderhive Enterprise includes :
  • Customizable workflows for order processing & shipping
  • Rules-based automation
  • Cloud-based, blazing fast speed & 99% uptime guaranteed
  • Custom analytics & reporting
  • Location, batch & expiry & COGs implementation
  • Barcode-based order & inventory management
  • Custom emails, invoice, orders, packing slips & shipment label templates
  • Automated regular backups
  • High security
  • 24/7 Support & dedicated account manager

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Success Stories of Orderhive Enterprise


See how an automated order management system enabled Byju’s to achieve 90% fulfillment rate & save 100 man-hours per week.

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See how Orderhive Enterprise enables Freeletics to exchange data between multiple channels and 3PL system

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