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What Girvin Marketing achieved by using Orderhive?

About Girvin Marketing

Girvin Marketing works with companies of all sizes to provide custom branded products for sales, merchandising, trade shows, gifts, and promotions. They provide a full-service approach with in-house design, sourcing, online eStores, warehousing, fulfillment and distribution services.

While venturing into the online space, Girvin Marketing started building a centralized vendor portal for ordering all corporate promotional products. The portal enables customers to efficiently place orders within a Girvin storefront and allows suppliers to instantly review the order information and stay connected with their customers during the purchasing cycle.

However, this wasn’t as easy as it sounds

Jason Girvin, the founder of Girvin Marketing approached Orderhive as they figure out the need for automation in their daily business routine
Purchasing can be a time-consuming process especially when the requests for goods and services have to be processed manually using a combination of emails, paper catalogs, faxes and verifying the same with rigorous follow-ups.

Girvin was using Magento as our e-commerce platform as it supports custom fields, which help them send the order information to the right supplier. The custom fields also include a unique supplier id and invoice details which need to be synced with QuickBooks so that the corresponding supplier can track payables at any point during the billing cycle.

With Orderhive being a middleware ( a data connector ) between Girvin’s customer-facing business platform and third-party accounting software, the custom data exchange was possible.”

Solution Delivered

After Orderhive the business scenario of Girvin Marketing takes a roll
The biggest advantage was that Orderhive automated Girvin marketing’s entire workflow so repetitive tasks glide on their own without the extra push. With automation, they have zeroed down the chances of transactional error.

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