How beauty brands can engage audience by using social media?

With promotion being one of the important aspects of any business, today, sellers have multiple options for making their products and offers visible to customers.

Gone are the days when online sellers had to mostly depend on email marketing for promotions, now with advancement of technology many can easily tap into modern digital marketing strategies and expand their visibility in the simplest and cost-effective ways.

Social media is one such place that every industry is emerging on, as most of them allow sellers with no limits to innovations in their promotional strategies.

Among the many product-categories sold online, sellers offering beauty products may face a challenge to convince their target audience as they are unable to match up their skin-colour or smell the latest perfume virtually.

If you are one of them, in this article we will highlight effective social media platforms and how popular brands are making use of them to increase sales.

I- YouTube

A study from Statista shows the demand of beauty-related content  on YouTube from 2009-2015.

Considering the increasing adoption of beauty brands on YouTube, more than 1.6 billion views per month was recorded, while 1.78 million beauty videos were published on the social media platform.

What you can do?

Tutorial and DIY videos, reviews, haul videos, and videos products by beauty vloggers are the most popular content on YouTube.

Considering the above, adding emotion/personalization in your videos will help you enhance engagement level and sales, both.

Example from a leading beauty brand on YouTube

Chanel is the leading beauty brand on YouTube. One of their best promotional strategy is it offers tutorial videos showcasing models using Chanel’s latest products.

What do you learn?

Online shoppers will always find it difficult to make purchase decisions, therefore, showcasing the exact usage of beauty products via videos will give them an idea what products can match their tone helping them make quick purchase decisions.

II- Instagram

Beauty brands hold for 96% Instagram usage of beauty brands, as of March 2016.

Statista Image 1

Considering this, Instagram surely proves to be one of the most influential social media platforms for beauty brand owners that offer them an ability to promote their products offerings in front of a large customer base.

What you can do?

Performing frequent products-photo campaigns can quickly build Instagram “followers” for you beauty products and brand updates.

Bringing a life in your product photography by requesting your customer’s to share their pictures using your products or uploading a video, will allow your followers increase trust and take actions on-the-go.

Example from the most followed beauty brand on Instagram

Anatasia Beverly Hills is ranked as the most followed beauty brand on Instagram recording with 9.4 million followers as of April 2016.

anastasiabeverlyhills 2

What do you learn?

Visuals can create a quick impact on the online shopper’s mind; therefore, focusing on uniqueness in your photo-sharing campaigns will create an excitement among your followers, who in turn, will share then with friends in their network too.

III- Pinterest

Women continue to dominate Pinterest- 44% of online women use the site, compared with 16% of online men.

Considering the usage of cosmetic products used by women across the globe, this social media platform can surely open new sales opportunities for beauty business owners.

What you can do?

Whether looking for unique nail art, red carpet makeup looks, or even whacky hair trends, online shoppers are already getting increased inspiration on Pinterest.

Using Pinterest’s pinboard- similar to collages you can offer your beauty product images using their in-built innovative format making it easy for pinners to pin your product and everyday ideas.

Example from an inspirational beauty brand on Pinterest

There are over 1.7 billion beauty-related pins and over 44 million beauty boards.  Among the many beauty brands, Sephora is one such influential name that boast the world’s largest and most diverse selection of beauty products.

Sephora 3

What do you learn?

Pinterest can allow you to increase the number of “followers” by Offering an assortment of pinboards to best suit an online shopper’s mood. Therefore, instead of simply displaying your product images,  you add bring personalization(a story-line) to help them discover new styles and beauty trends  to match any of their everyday or special occasions.

IV- Facebook

Beauty brands have already been ranked among the top ten popular brand categories on Facebook, based on a number of fans.

Considering the increasing number of fan growth for beauty brands, Dove is was ranked first with closed to 26.13 million Facebook followers, as of May 2016.

What you can do?

Allowing an ability to easily target relevant customers and reach a large number of audiences, Facebook can be used to increase engagement and announce exclusive deals for your beauty products.

Adapting Facebook For Business, can help you boost brand popularity by the “Likes” and “Shares” your get in your promotional tactics you run over the social media platform.

Example from the most fan growth beauty brand on Facebook

Following Dove in the list of beauty brands on Facebook having the second largest fan growth, L’Oreal Paris are innovative in their content and information, encouraging relevant audience to take action on-the-go.

L Oréal Paris - 4

What do you learn?

Shoppers who opt for beauty products online would be attracted to brands that offer better insights on the product usage. Focusing on your content in your Facebook marketing strategy will help you turn more eyes towards your brand and increase followers.

V- Snapchat

Beauty category is the second largest brand that has Snapchat profiles (57%), as of March 2016.

Considering the Snapchat adoption rate, it clearly states how important this social media platform stands for beauty brands.

What you can do?

Looking at the usage of Snapchat usage by demographics in the United States, 18-24 year-group hold the largest portion with 37% usage, while 25-34 year-group followed by 26% usage, as of February 2016.

Focusing on the demands of this most potential age group, you can create innovative snaps to showcase the usage of your beauty products in the most effective ways.

Example from the popular beauty brand on Snapchat

Considering the idea of allowing women the right make-up sense and stand out of the crowd, Charlotte Tilbury can be a true inspirational source.


What do you learn?

Allowing online beauty lovers to not only get inspiration but also ensure they are updated with the latest fashion through your snaps,  will automatically encourage them to always engage with your beauty brand updates.

Closing note

Customer engagement is the key to staying on top of online beauty business!

However, considering the importance of the above mentioned social media platforms for the beauty brand, offering the right product and content can help you grow quick.

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