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How do I update inventory in my Orderhive account?

Orderhive an inventory and order management system solution helps you automatically track the quantity of each product in your inventory. You can either enter quantity on hand when you first create products from inventory view, or later by updating the quantity available to the list when managing your inventory.

Updating inventory for your purchase orders

Log into your Orderhive account and under “Purchase” menu you will find “Purchase Order” in it’s dropdown

Click on “Purchase Order”

This will direct you to the “Purchase Order” landing page an on the top right corner of the screen you will see a small box indicating “+ ADD Po.”

Click on “+Add Po” which will direct you to a screen where you need to add your purchase order details that includes your supplier, warehouse, payment term and tax rate. Once entered click the orange box stating “Add Purchase Order.” Once done it will direct you to the next screen which will add products.

Add “Products” to your “Purchase Order” – You can search product by the name, SKU or article number from your inventory or you can create new product if you don’t find in your inventory.

It will show all products matching your search criteria.

Enter Quantity to order, discount on that product you receive from your supplier and tax you pay for that product to your supplier.

After adding these details, click on “Add” link to add that product in your purchase order.

Do the same for all products you want to add in purchase order.

Once you are done with adding products to purchase order, click the box stating “Complete Purchase Order”.

Go Back to your “Purchase Order” screen, where you will find purchase order you have created.

Now, if you have received products against your purchase order and you are sure about receiving all ordered products with same quantity then click on “Receive Products”. It will direct you to the next screen which reflects a small box stating “Receive all.”

Click on “Receive All” for adding all quantity of products into your inventory.

And, if you are not sure about receiving all ordered products with same quantity then you can add products one by one from “Add Goods.”

You can find “Add Goods” under “Purchase” menu.

Search products by “SKU” or “Article Number”. It will show the results matching your search criteria. Now select the product you want to update inventory. It will update product quantity by “1” at a time.

Updating products through Batch

Orderhive’s Batch” feature can be used to manage already existing inventory present in your warehouse. Click on ‘Add Batch‘ to get started with manage inventory by creating new batch orders and edit existing inventory.

Go to Purchase and under its dropdown you will see “Batch Orders”. Click on it, which will direct you to the “Batch” screen. On the top right  corner of the screen you will find  a small box stating “+ Add Batch”.

Click on “+ Add Batch”> Select your warehouse> Click on “Add Batch Order.” Once done it will direct you to the “Batch” screen where you will see your created batch order. On the right corner of the screen you will see the last section stating “Actions” which will give you an “Edit” as well as “Add Products” option.

Now click on “Add Products” that will give you option for searching products from your inventory.

Search products by SKU” or “Article Number”. It will show search results.

Select the product you want to update quantity and then click on “Add Qty”.

By updating Products from inventory

If you want to update your products quantity manually, then you can update them from inventory.

Go to “Inventory” menu, select “Inventory”. It will list all your warehouse, select warehouse in which you want to update.

It will list all products from that warehouse.

Now click on “Edit” and update the product quantity you want to change, add quantity and click on “Save.”

Go to “Inventory” menu and under it’s dropdown you will see “Inventory.”

Click on “Inventory.”

Select the warehouse for which you need to update your inventory which will lead you to products details which will allow you to update product quantity.

You will see “Export” button on top right corner of the screen . This will download an excel containing all your products in warehouse.

Open that downloaded file, edit the quantity of products you want to change. Now save this file as “csv”and  head back to your Orderhive screen, you will find another button “Import”.

Click on that and select csv file you have just updated and click on “upload” to update your inventory.

It will update inventory of all products you have specified in file.


Savio Fernandes

Savio Fernandes

Savio Fernandes is a writer who influences. Writing for over three years at Orderhive, he is currently focused in offering eCommerce and retail solutions for start-ups and medium business owners.

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