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How Orderhive’s automated delivery model doubled the customer base of an online food business

Orderhive Enterprise solution was designed to accommodate the “SilverChefSeniors” delivery business in which customers have a regular “standing order” that may be modified or placed on hold from time to time.

Silver Chef Seniors faced the same issue that every subscription box service provider face i.e to track order, communicate the order to the operation department ( kitchen staff or restaurants ) and ensure that the delivery boy has completed the allocated task as per the provided schedule.

Orderhive automated their entire workflow and reduce manual interventions, the main functions which were automated-

  • Automatic synchronization of incoming order with custom attributes like ingredients, serving size, nutrition instructions.
  • Auto-Assignment of “Meal Plan” to the Kitchen staff
  • Customer subscription management
  • Auto-Assignment of delivery instruction to the delivery guy

Any business starts with a need.

Senior hunger in the U.S. is a very real problem. Seniors who live on their own don’t have reliable access to sufficient quantities of affordable, nutritious food.

Too many older adults have limited knowledge of preparing healthy food which has high nutritional value. They either lack the access to transportation to bring food home or cannot take the onus of preparing meals at home due to the physical vulnerabilities attach to old age.

Silver Chef Senior was born out of this need.  The startup was funded by Silver Chef an Australia based hospitality and equipment financier.

“Silver Chef senior meal delivery service delivers healthy and nutritious chef-prepared meals, right to your door everyday by friendly silver chef driver”

Silver Chef is more reliable with sorted comprehensive plans

They offer a simple weekly plan of online meals which are freshly prepared on the basis of specified ingredients – breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Their meals are rich in nutrition & protein, support resistance to illness, increased mental acuteness, and higher energy levels.

Being able to have healthy foods delivered right to their door could be all an alone living adult can ask for.

But, Silver Chef’s  Delivery Model is more on manual side. The Process flows like this

1)  The customer enter their pin code – area where they need the food delivery

2)  Choose the type of membership – single or dual

3) Choose the subscription plan – Monday, Wednesday or Friday/ Tuesday, Thursday

4)  Choose the meals per day – Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

5)  Enter the delivery & billing info

However, this process didn’t go down well with the business model. The Manual order allocation & slow information gathering system resulted into a disorderly meal delivery system. As,

It all begins with a received standing order passed on to sales staff who validates the details and confirms the order details with the customer. The realm of err opens, when sales staff manually communicates the order details with the kitchen staff

The Kitchen staff thereby verifies if the stated ingredient is available at the warehouse department. In case of a stock out, the kitchen staff generates a purchase order and send it across to the suppliers.

Now, the devil was in detailing the food items and customizing food meals according to decided attributes such as-

  • Product Images
  • Ingredients
  • Reheating Instructions
  • Nutritional Information
  • Serving Size
  • Sleeve Code
  • Allergens
  • Meal Type
  • Product Tax Code
  • Disease information

Having no streamlined communication process, all hell broke lose on the sales, operations & logistic department leads to wrong delivery of orders. The haywire communication process led to incorrect & incomplete meals being sent out.

This is when, Orderhive took the charge

Shawn Richards, Vice President at Silver Chef Seniors approached Orderhive to streamline & automate its meal delivery process.

When asked why he choose Orderhive over other solutions, he said-

“Every online food delivery business has its own business workflow. We choose Orderhive because it is a scalable solution that could accommodate our needs. They had having an expert team of resources who can incorporate functionalities that fit our business workflow & cut out unnecessary manual interventions”

What Orderhive did for Silver Chef Meal:

The Below infographic gives a snapshot of the solution delivered by Orderhive

Capture 1

The first step was to integrate Orderhive with Silver Chef Senior for easy transmission of data. The ideal motive was to automate the core process to manage their daily business activity from a single dashboard.

A)  Menu Management was no longer a headache

Substituting the manual process, Silver chef could now create/modify meal options
( menu ), enter appropriate food attributes ( ingredients, nutritional information, reheating instructions, images etc ) in the Orderhive back-end and link it to their website.

With data being centrally accumulated, it was a lot easier process the order now.

Orderhive could easily retrieve meal order information & allow the sales staff to process it further.

B) Customer management became easy and efficient

Orderhive allows silver chef to maintain their customer profile which includes their meal subscription plan, food attribute, delivery address and linked financial transaction with their respective account. As a result, the Silver chef has one consolidated platform to manage their customer’s menu detail, shipping detail & financial detail.

C) Automatic synchronization of incoming orders

Orderhive constantly syncs incoming orders from the Silver Chef Senior website and provide a centralized system to track & receive orders.

D) Automatic generation of weekly kitchen plan reports based on meal order specificationsThe Kitchen staff gets an automatic weekly kitchen plan reports which help the kitchen staff to plan their activity in advance.

E) Orderhive automatically extracts customer delivery information for manual upload to “TrackPod” for driver routing

Delivery information needs to be pulled from Orderhive for a manual load to TrackPod driver routing software. The “Number” field needs to be unique for every entry ever loaded into TrackPod. There was a pre-described format in which the key information should be extracted.

The field detail includes – A unique no, date, client name, email address, time stamp information of fulfillment process, the shipper’s address, the customer address, Qty and Cost.

Capture 2

The Final Output:

-> Automatic order & customer record maintenance cut down the manual process and saved many unproductive man hours.

-> Automated order delivery workflow doubled their order fulfillment ratio and eliminate the possibility of wrong orders being sent out.

If you are looking to automate your order management or inventory management operations, get in touch with any of our expert at or try our software for free.

Dhwani Shah

Dhwani Shah

I am a content marketing professional at Orderhive, a multichannel inventory management & shipping software that enables online sellers to streamline and automate back-end processes.Previously, I worked as a Marketing professional for a tech startup. With a strong understanding of technology, I comprehend the workflow of a system in no time.

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