How SharkNinja achieved 90% fulfillment accuracy with automated order management system.


SharkNinja is a consumer products manufacturer focused in the houseware industry with two major brands and several technologies, there sales operations is spread across the globe, with 1000+ employee working under its gable.

SharkNinja operates through two warehouses & delivers products through national retailers and DTC via Infomercial, call center, eCommerce stores & marketplaces.



With a strong background in designing eCommerce strategy for B2B & B2C businesses, Richard Hartley joined SharkNinja with an intention to modernize their eCommerce workflow.

While interacting with Richard, we came to know about a different facet of SharkNinja daily business operations.

Given the user’s multi-channel interaction with brands and products, online selling is no longer limited to an eCommerce website. In fact, it has been observed a lot of selling strategies moves around technology trends.

SharkNinja too wanted to bank on the latest technology, and soon adopted the concept of multi-channel retailing, they started offering their products on eCommerce store (WooCommerce store) and marketplaces (Amazon & eBay).

Offering multiple touch points to the customer obviously increased their sales, however, also adds to back-end complexity.

A streamlined operation was the need of the hour

“The most daunting aspect of multi-channel retailing is managing sales orders, processing them & making sure that every sales order is fulfilled on time, across multiple channels.”

Challenges with the current order management system

SharkNinja soon observed a backlog with their daily business operations, without data synchronization across their multiple selling platforms, they were running the risk of overselling & having to manage multiple order management interface.

The next thing that stuck them up was fulfillment, SharkNinja was maintaining their stock in their personal warehouse as well as in the Amazon FBA. So to process any sales orders, they were supposed to manually read through every order and check the stock availability against each order & create a shipment.

The real problem, in Richards word

“The most time-consuming process was to assign orders for fulfillment on the basis of stock availability. Our ideal order management workflow was to first fulfill orders through Amazon FBA only, so that we don’t need to invest our time & energy on fulfilling orders. If the given items are not available with Amazon FBA, then only we will fulfill the order from our own warehouse & assign shipment to our shipping carriers.”

SharkNinja approached Orderhive to automate their entire order allocation & fulfillment workflow

“We had approached a couple of other solution providers, before coming to Orderhive. What we found that not every order management solution can be customized according to our unique workflow. With Orderhive, we got a full-fledged automated order management system, where we can assign orders based on our fulfillment strategies.”

Solution delivered by Orderhive

“Intelligent order allocation scheduler help SharkNinja to automatically assign orders based on their fulfillment strategy”

Orderhive intelligent order allocation scheduler decides how best to fulfill the orders based on  inventory availability & business rules.

After configuring Orderhive automatic order assignment feature, orders get automatically allotted based on SharkNinjas fulfillment strategy. The automated order allocation logic applied; Orderhive system will automatically check if all the stock items mentioned in the sales order is available with the Amazon FBA, if the items are in stock, then order will be processed through MCF.

However, if any of the item mentioned in the sales order page is not available with Amazon FBA, the order will be fulfilled by SharkNinja, and shipment will be created accordingly.

Plus, SharkNinja should also be able apply fulfillment rules specific to a selling channel, for eg. if SharkNinja defines a rule that all orders coming from his eBay UK channel in a particular week & time should be assigned to Amazon FBA UK only, the automatic order scheduler will assign orders accordingly.

Order activity log – Advanced capability to streamline order fulfillment process

Orderhive also created an activity long, which enabled them to track the order throughout the fulfilment process in a text format. This let SharkNinja keep a check on time consumed by each process under the fulfillment process, so that they can eliminate low-value activities.

The below table shows the “Order Activity Log” generated upon an order fulfillment transaction.



  • Automation help them save on man-hours & increase order management efficiency.
  • Attain 90% fulfillment accuracy due to automated order allocation scheduler.
  • Order activity log help them to eliminate low-value fulfillment activities and identify the most efficient fulfillment strategy.


Dhwani Shah

Dhwani Shah

I am a content marketing professional at Orderhive, a multichannel inventory management & shipping software that enables online sellers to streamline and automate back-end processes.Previously, I worked as a Marketing professional for a tech startup. With a strong understanding of technology, I comprehend the workflow of a system in no time.

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