How To Tackle Reviews On Amazon?

With over 250 million active users and net sales of 89.9 billion in 2014- Amazon is considered to be the fastest growing e-Commerce venture across the globe. Allowing sellers an opportunity to expand internationally, today, the marketplace is filled with great usability that can allow them to overcome major challenges and help them to grow successfully.

In order to be successful in these highly competitive marketplaces like Amazon- reviews becomes an essential factor. In the article How to fight negative reviews on Amazon”, we discussed what to do if you receive a bad review already. However, in this one, we’d see and learn how to tackle those negative feedback before getting it.

This leading marketplace is helping sellers an easy way to a wider network, as well as, information on how to make the most out of it. Apart from allowing you with easy product listings, accessing Amazon’s seller guidelines will surely help you to perform well in Seller Central(your Amazon account).


Seller’s know-how

Today, with hundreds and thousands of sellers selling on Amazon it becomes even more competitive for start-ups and medium-sized owners to attract the audience that mostly prefer shopping from brands with good reviews. However, sellers with low upfront cost often find it difficult to cope up with customer service and gain positive reviews for their brand. It may take time to build up good reviews for your brand, however, even a single negative one can badly impact your store’s performance on Amazon.

“Amazon Services” is offering sellers with features and functionality that can help them earn good feedback scores for their Amazon stores.


Handle rating and reviews on Amazon- All you need to know

Every seller on Amazon is given feedback ratings, which mainly focuses on negative feedback ratings. And, among thousands of sellers focusing on customer service, the best ones have close to 0% negative feedback rating.


How does Amazon rate sellers?

Among the leading online ventures across the globe, Amazon is considered to be the one that is trusted for a great customer experience. Therefore, it expects the same, and rates sellers on their performance. It is said, “from the total feedback entries, the number of negative feedback ratings should be less than 5%.” Anything below 5%, sellers need to take immediate measures. You can visit Amazon’s Seller Performance Measurement page to gain tips for improving your store’s productivity.


How to get rid of those unwanted feedback that upsets a seller’s performance on Amazon?

Amazon sellers have an option to remove bad feedback within 60 days from the date it is created. However, this can be done only for the following cases:

– If the feedback involves offensive or vulgar language.

– Third-party advertisement(contact information, emails address, etc.).

– Content irrelevant to the brand or service.

For those genuine feedback, instead of getting annoyed take it as a learning opportunity. Understand and identify the customer’s problem, and take measures to avoid those mistakes in future. Amazon surely does allow sellers to delete such comments, however, sellers can always contact the buyer with concern, and request them to remove those bad reviews.

Also, when you approach the buyer, ensure you provide them with steps that can easily guide them to delete their feedback.

1- Go to Your Submitted Feedback

2- Go to Your Account and click “Seller Feedback Submitted by You” under “Personalization.”

3- Click “Remove” link next to the feedback you would like to remove.

Buyers get a time of 60 days to do so if later, they won’t have a remove option as it will automatically expire.

In the end, if none of the above works, it is always wise to respond to those reviews. How can you do so?

1- From your “Seller account” click on “Manage your Ratings and Feedback” under the Reports heading.

2- Look-up for the feedback you wish to change.

3- Click the button to respond to the feedback.


Good Luck!

Savio Fernandes

Savio Fernandes

Savio Fernandes is a writer who influences. Writing for over three years at Orderhive, he is currently focused in offering eCommerce and retail solutions for start-ups and medium business owners.

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