Introducing Hubbed: The parcel collection point management app

HUBBED provides collection point networks and parcel management solutions to all the shipping carriers and eCommerce industries. Having its roots spread all across Australia and New Zealand; provides services both domestically and internationally.

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Nearest pickup location

Hubbed provides you with pickup locations that are very easily accessible. Here, all a customer needs to do is to select a specific Hubbed location provided during the checkout process. Once this is selected, the Hubbed pickup location becomes the drop-off location.

Convenient returns

A customer is asked to select a Hubbed pickup point based on the pincode that is provided at the checkout. Now, if at all a customer wishes to return a product, all s(he) has to do is to take the product back to that particular Hubbed point and the rest will be taken care of.

Why integrate with Orderhive?

Hubbed was integrated to assist the sellers from Australia and New Zealand using Orderhive so that Orderhive can help them send all the shipping as well as customer details to Hubbed so that it can take care of all the notifications that are to be sent to the customer.

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