Importance of inventory management software for your Shopify stores

From recording inventory counts, using spreadsheets or automating stock levels via a cloud-based software, inventory management has come a long way. It is important to know, what is inventory management as the implications on sales figures for your Shopify Stores are directly connected.

I’m sure sellers are always on the lookout for software that can help them focus on enhancing their customer’s shopping experience.

Wanting to go online or need to migrate from a cluttered eCommerce platform, many sellers are finding solace with Shopify. This popular eCommerce platform is allowing sellers to quickly start an online store, which otherwise seems like a daunting and time-consuming task.

So, what makes it the most loved eCommerce platform?

– Easy-to-install customizable themes

– Integration with user-friendly and secure payment gateways

– Incredible support team

– Plenty of third-party apps to extend store’s functionality. Right from social media to shipping, they got all covered.

– Shopify experts advice for new growth opportunities

– Free tools like logo maker, business name generator, PayPal fee calculator, and much more

The benefits are endless!

Multi-channel selling imperative to retail success

Nowadays, there are multiple platforms to start an online selling business. Sellers are leaving no opportunity to expand their presence, be it selling over social media site or their own websites, the options are endless. However, maintaining similar inventory and processing orders across all platforms can be a hassle. If not managed efficiently, sellers can experience a glitch in stock requirements for fulfilling their customer’s orders.

This is where inventory management software makes for it.

Why you need inventory management software to manage your Shopify stores?

So, you’ve developed your online store on Shopify and have started receiving orders. As your brand increases its popularity, you notice a growing volume of sales orders and start depending on multiple optimization tactics to ensure a smooth business flow.

However, the use of multiple tools can lead to confusions and complex your daily inventory and order management tasks.

Along with front-end optimization, automating inventory management is extremely crucial to avoid confusion about the current stock requirements to ensure every customer’s orders are processed in time.

With the advancement of cloud-based technology, sellers can easily automate their complex inventory management tasks. And, in return, increase accuracy in the number of fulfilled orders.

Adopting inventory management software for your Shopify stores will ensure your inventory counts are always up-to-date.

Additional key-benefits of inventory software for your Shopify stores:

– Connect your Shopify stores with a solution that is simple and doesn’t need any technical expertise.

– Store information (like products, stock levels, orders, etc.) automatically updated and sent back to Shopify without having to do any manual steps.

– Eliminate costly errors by using single software to manage orders, shipping, inventory levels, dropshipping, etc.

– Identify which products are fetching the maximum number of sales and which ones need to go out the window soon.

– Track customer’s activities and get to know your loyal customers.

How does Orderhive help Shopify store owners?

Orderhive is simple inventory management system that connects with Shopify seamlessly. Offering a clean interface and high-end features, you can confidently expand your chain of Shopify stores.

Key Orderhive features:

Single interface to manage multiple operations

Adopting multiple tools for managing your business growth may sound helpful at the initial stage, however, using them separately to perform tasks for each of your selling stores can hamper you time for your core business processes. Hence, a multi-channel software solution will enable you to manage everything from a single panel saving time and money, both.

Orderhive acts a single platform to manage inventory, ship orders, payment processing, refunds, dropshipping, purchase orders, and more.

Central repository for inventory control

Orderhive will automatically import your existing products and their inventory from Shopify.

Let say, apart from Shopify store, you’re selling on Amazon and eBay.

When an order is placed on your Shopify store, inventory levels will be updated automatically. Also, when an order is received for the same product on your other selling (integrated in Orderhive), inventory levels will get updated to your Shopify store also, avoiding situations like stockouts or overselling.

With Orderhive, you can manage multiple warehouses and transfer stock to make sure you can arrange a replenishment before stock runs out.

Fast track shipping

Along with product details and customers, sales orders are also imported in Orderhive automatically. You will get a clear view of orders (confirmed, shipped, delivered, invoiced, paid) and identify the ones that need to fulfilled immediately.

Orderhive well-connected with popular shipping providers that include USPS, FedEx, and DHL, allows sellers access real-time shipping rates, provide customs info, print labels, and track shipments. Additionally, once order is shipped, details like carrier name and tracking number is updated to the store. This way, you can quickly assist your customer’s concern for their product delivery.

300+ integrations

Orderhive developed integration with third-party apps and platforms that are widely used by online sellers. Some of the channels include Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Xero, QuickBooks Online.

Additionally, Orderhive provides premium integrations under Orderhive Plus that include Zalora and Lazada, Asia’s leading online marketplaces.

Improve sales with store analytics

With Orderhive’s sales analytics and reporting feature, you can predict product demand, track inventory status, know the channel generating maximum revenue, and much more. Having access to all your stores’ data from one system, you can make improved decisions and enhance your business efficiency.

High-end customization needs

Enterprise business owners usually have complex workflows and unique processes that can make it difficult to settle down with software that doesn’t allow customization. Many large sellers may be aware of Shopify Plus- an enterprise eCommerce solution to manage high-volume needs with advanced API, unlimited bandwidth, dedicated account management, etc.

To help enterprise selling businesses simplify their inventory and shipping management, Orderhive offers a customized enterprise solution via Orderhive Plus. Be it changing the order workflow or developing premium integrations, Orderhive Plus helps big businesses to eliminate the hassles that traditional on-premise solutions bring along.

If the above makes sense, grab an opportunity to Try Orderhive for Free.

Megha Vishnoi

Megha Vishnoi

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