Integration update: Manage multiple channel accounts

Today, in order to withstand the growing competition, eComm business owners need to consider multi-channel selling strategy. But, all business owners that sell on multiple stores and marketplaces face hard times with the rigors of multi-channel management. With the increase of orders, customers and inventory, also arises the time consuming process of managing these components across multiple channels accounts.

Retailers that need to manage multiple channel accounts individually and manually put their back-end operations at risks by not being able to effectively manage crucial tasks including inventory, order processing and products updates.

To successfully manage those tasks it is important that you consider a multi-channel integrated system like Orderhive which offers cloud based software solution to easily manage your inventory levels, order coming from different sources, shipping process and customers data all from a single source.

Why integrate with Orderhive?

Orderhive a cloud-based multi-channel order and inventory management software solution is a bliss to eComm business owners as it allows them to easily sync and proactively manage orders, inventory, and customer informations from multiple channel accounts into one single integrated system. This way you get better insights of all business operations at a glance whenever you need them.

Integrating your multiple channel accounts with Orderhive will eliminate costly errors that arises when managing multiple accounts manually, reduces time compared when individually managing each channel, allows more time to focus more on important tasks, and brings accuracy in your back-end operations in turn improves the bottom line of your business.

Benefits of this integration:

Manage multiple orders coming from multiple sources

You may receive hundreds of orders on a daily basis from different sources including your store, marketplaces, phones or even through call centers. Orderhive will help you easily consolidate all orders coming from different sources into a single integrated system. This way you can improve efficiency of receiving and managing multiple orders at a time.

Know your best selling channel

With this integration you will get accurate insights of how well your inventory is selling and where. This way you can increase sales at the best prices on the right channel and keep separate price list for remaining channel.

Sync and manage multiple Amazon and eBay stores in one system

If you have an Amazon, eBay account with multiple stores, Orderhive will help you seamlessly synchronize all data coming from your multiple storefronts in one screen by which you eliminate inventory and order errors in turn save time and money.

Improve multi-channel inventory and order management efficiency

Selling on multiple channels can now be exciting and cost-effective with this integration. Having the capabilities to set inventory and order thresholds will prevent from overselling or loss orders scenarios. If you have your products listed on multiple selling channels, then adopting real-time inventory and order management system solution like Orderhive will help you track and analyze the constant ups and downs of your inventory levels and order processing across your multiple selling channel accounts from a single source.

Share your inventory across popular marketplaces and selling platforms

Orderhive not only allows integration with leading marketplaces and selling platforms including Amazon, eBay, ShopClues, Magento, BigCommerce but helps you seamlessly share contacts, inventory and orders across renowned channels in turn increase band visibility.

Sync and secure multiple customer data and information

Customers are key for any ecommerce business owners. Therefore, maintaining customers data is very crucial. With this integration you can easily consolidate and secure customer details from multiple stores, marketplaces, selling platforms, all in a single system. This way with proper analytics and customer information you can increase customer engagement.


Today, selling through multiple accounts will help you sustain the growing competition, and ecommerce software solution like Orderhive is a boon to multi-channel retail owners that allows them to effectively manage multiple accounts at the tip of a finger.

Savio Fernandes

Savio Fernandes

Savio Fernandes is a writer who influences. Writing for over three years at Orderhive, he is currently focused in offering eCommerce and retail solutions for start-ups and medium business owners.

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